Monday, June 3, 2019

Retail Co-op Program Improvements Launching July 1

The Retail Co-op Program is designed to help retail accounts promote AMSOIL and sell more AMSOIL products. In July, we’re improving the way your retail accounts earn co-op credit.

How it Works
With the new Retail Co-op Program, your retail accounts will be awarded co-op credit in early January based on the total amount of their purchases in the previous year. This is similar to how the commercial discount schedule works. Instead of earning and losing credit every month, your accounts will have the full lump sum to use each year right off the bat. Any unused credit will expire on Dec. 31 of the year it was earned.

• Program is easier to understand and explain – no more co-op credit rolling on and off each month.
• No more sliding scale for earning credit – all accounts earn at the maximum level.
• More buying power for your accounts.
• Promotes more AMSOIL branding in retail shops.

See the June AMSOIL Magazine for more information.