Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dealer Sales Department Reorganized

The Dealer Sales Department has been restructured to better serve our Dealers and accounts. Rather than splitting responsibilities by region we are now separating them by program. This will allow deeper understanding of our programs, more effective adoption of new initiatives and a better feedback loop to incorporate information from the field.

Commercial Program
Eric Brandenburg is now the Commercial Program Manager. Brandenburg is responsible for driving continuous improvement of the Commercial Program, identifying commercial opportunities and leading our commercial team of Field Sales Representatives Trudel Dorcine and Ernie Jones, and Commercial Inside Sales Representative Lacy Almonte. The commercial team will continue helping Dealers land new accounts and retain existing ones as we partner to expand this growing market.

Retail Program
Mark Kroll is now the Retail Program Manager. Kroll is responsible for driving continuous improvement of the Retail Program and identifying retail opportunities. He is now the primary contact for Dealers who have questions or comments about our Retail Program.

Dealer Development
Steve LePage and Brian Lammi are now Dealer Development Managers. All general questions about Dealer business, including recruiting and onboarding new Dealers, business development, succession planning and the marketing plan should be directed to LePage and Lammi. They will continue to be actively involved in Dealer events and training development.

We believe by providing channel experts we can have more insightful and proactive conversations with Dealers to help you grow your businesses. As always, the AMSOIL Customer Service team is your best resource for issues related to orders and shipping.

Dealer Sales Contact Information
Eric Brandenburg
Commercial Manager

Ernie Jones
Field Sales Representative

Trudel Dorcine
Field Sales Rep. (Canada)

Lacy Almonte
Commercial Inside Sales Rep.

Mark Kroll
Retail Manager

Steve LePage
Dealer Development Manager

Brian Lammi
Dealer Development Manager