Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ensure Retail Accounts are Properly Classified

It is important for Dealers to ensure their retail accounts are properly classified (Auto Service Center, Retail, Powersports, Motorcycle). Incorrect account classification negatively affects Locator search results (potentially causing lost sales) and the new Retail Account Merchandising Kit Program. New retail accounts automatically qualify for a retail kit by purchasing $300 or more of products in their market segment within 90 days of their initial order. The specific kit a qualified account receives is based on the classification the Dealer assigns it at registration. Changes to account classification can be made on the Retail Account Administration page in the Dealer Zone (My Business>Retail Account Information Administration). AMSOIL cannot provide kit substitutions for accounts that are improperly classified. Please review your accounts’ information now to maximize the effectiveness of the Merchandising Kit Program and the Locator at www.amsoil.com.