Monday, June 1, 2015

New Eligibility Requirements Maximize Number of Retail Accounts Appearing on the AMSOIL Locator

Effective June 1, AMSOIL INC. has adjusted the eligibility requirements for retail and installer accounts to appear on the AMSOIL Locator at The changes are designed to increase the number of accounts that appear on the Locator and prevent accounts from unnecessarily dropping off, helping Dealers increase sales.

In the past, accounts had to purchase $500 of qualifying products in six months to remain active on the Locator. Since purchase history was based on a rolling six-month window that updated daily, accounts that made large but infrequent purchases lost eligibility. For example, an account that placed a $1,500 order at the beginning of the year and did not order again for more than six months was dropped from the Locator. The new requirements are designed to prevent this from happening.

Accounts may now appear on the Locator if they meet any of the following purchase requirements:
  • $300 in the previous 3 months
  • $600 in the previous 6 months
  • $900 in the previous 9 months
  • $1,200 in the previous 12 months

Minimum purchase requirements have been reduced from $500 to $300, increasing the number of eligible accounts. Products must have shipped in order to be included in the purchase requirement. Qualifying purchases include products that are sold on the shelf or installed in consumer applications. Purchases of literature and promotional items, tax, shipping, etc. do not count toward the purchase requirements. The following product types apply to an account's qualifying purchase:

  • Motor Oil
  • Diesel Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Two-Stroke Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Gear Lube
  • Motorcycle Oil
  • Four-Stroke Oil
  • Additives
  • Grease
  • Air Filters
  • Antifreeze/Coolant
  • WIX Filters
  • Compressor Oil (quarts only)