Monday, June 1, 2015

New ‘Customer Bill of Rights’ Policy

Many new customers who seek AMSOIL products ultimately place their first orders directly with AMSOIL INC. Because AMSOIL is committed to its Dealer network, these customers are assigned to qualified T-1 Certified Dealers. Although this works well most of the time, there are exceptions. Customers deserve to be serviced by active Dealers who they like, and they should be able to count on that high level of service the entire time they remain active customers. Therefore, AMSOIL must reserve more influence with these assigned customers. If a Dealer is inactive, unwilling or unable to provide an acceptable level of service, AMSOIL reserves the right to reassign T-1 assigned customers to another trained, qualified, active and local Dealer. Although this isn’t likely to happen often, it should serve as a reminder to all Dealers of the importance of providing excellent customer service to all customers, whether personally sponsored or assigned.