Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toughest Tow Contest

Have a story about an extreme towing situation? Think your story is better than anyone else’s? Tell us about your Toughest Tow, and how Signature Series ATF’s reserve protection against heat and wear ensured top transmission performance. Submit it to AMSOIL and you could win $1,000 in cash.
It doesn’t have to be your experience – you can share stories from your customers too, but the contest is only open to AMSOIL Dealers and should not be promoted for public participation.

The winning story will be selected by a panel of judges at AMSOIL INC. Stories must include a photo or a short video (three min. max.). Limit two stories per Dealer. Stories may be submitted from May 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013, and the winner will be announced by July 20 or at the 40th Anniversary Convention. Submission serves as permission for AMSOIL INC. to use the story for internal and external promotions.

Submit your story in the Dealer Zone, by email to [email protected] or by mail to 925 Tower Ave. Superior, WI 54880.