Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maximum Cold-Weather Protection at Greatly Reduced Prices

Larger package sizes of AMSOIL Diesel Recovery (DRC) are discontinued and available at reduced prices while supplies last. AMSOIL will not accept returns on these sale-priced items. A two-week lead time is required for 55-gallon drums. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery remains available in 30-ounce bottles (DRCCN).

Stock #  Unit of      Pkg./Size    Reduced U.S.     Reduced Can.
                  Measure                             Wholesale          Wholesale
DRC1G     EA            (1) gallon             25.90                    27.90
DRC1G     CA           (4) gallons            98.60                    106.20
DRC55     EA           55-gal. drum   1,098.50                 1,184.00