Monday, March 2, 2015

New Products for V-Twins Expand Motorcycle Market

AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid (MVT) and AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid (MVP) are purpose-built for bikers who shy away from using a motor oil in their motorcycles’ transmissions or primary chaincases. Their introduction establishes secondary product recommendations in these applications, giving customers more options and helping Dealers reach a previously inaccessible segment of the market. The main recommendation for motorcycle transmissions and primary chaincases remains AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil.

See the March AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Outstanding Protection and Performance for Victory® and Indian® Motorcycles

New AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil (MVI) is formulated to provide premium protection for Victory and model-year 2013 and newer Indian motorcycles. It is the only full-synthetic 20W-40 motorcycle oil on the market, presenting riders a premium alternative to Indian- and Victory-branded semi-synthetic oils. Indian and Victory motorcycles incorporate a shared sump, and AMSOIL 20W-40 is formulated to provide outstanding protection for engines and transmissions. It is absolutely shear stable, keeping motorcycles well-protected even in extreme heat conditions.

See the March AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Updates to the AMSOIL Online Locator

The AMSOIL Online Locator has been updated to improve functionality and provide more information for customers. Additional updates enable Dealers to better manage their retail accounts’ Locator information.

The AMSOIL Locator has been optimized for mobile devices by including a map for smaller, smartphone-sized viewing resolutions. Additionally, the map will now open and zoom automatically to accommodate more locations when they are not concentrated in a small area, which will eliminate the need for customers to scroll or zoom the map manually.

Dealers will see improved information management for their retail accounts in the Retail Account Information Administration menu in the Dealer Zone, including a new menu option to indicate missing or incomplete information.

For more details, see the Updates to the AMSOIL Locator article in the Dealer Zone.

Donaldson Endurance Product Codes Obsolete March 9

Donaldson Blue filters have replaced Donaldson Endurance filters. Although the stock numbers remain the same, the Donaldson Endurance product code prefixes (EAF, ECF, ELF) will become obsolete effective March 9. Going forward, use the new Donaldson Blue product codes (DBA, DBC, DBL).

New Donaldson Blue Product Code Prefixes
DBA replaces EAF.
DBC replaces ECF.
DBL replaces ELF.

Donaldson Blue filter performance matches Donaldson Endurance filter performance.

Want Your Voice to be Heard? Write a Letter to the Editor

Have an idea, question or comment about an AMSOIL-related topic? Make your voice heard by both AMSOIL corporate staff and fellow AMSOIL Dealers by submitting a letter to the editor of AMSOIL Magazine:


Communications Department
Attn: Letters
925 Tower Ave.
Superior, WI 54880

Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity; please include your name, address and phone number.

Prince Edward Island Stewardship Program

Prince Edward Island has started its own stewardship program. Beginning April 1, all applicable products will be charged the appropriate EHC fees.

Prince Edward Island EHC Rates
Recyclable Oil: $0.05 per liter
Oil Containers: $0.10 per liter of capacity
Antifreeze: $0.16 per liter
Antifreeze Containers: $0.10 per liter of capacity
Filters less than 8” in height: $0.50 per filter
Filters 8” and greater in height: $1.00 per filter

Non-recyclable (two-stroke) oils will only be charged the container fees.

EHC container fees are only applicable to containers of 50 liters or less.

Black Mesh Back Cap Temporarily Unavailable

Due to supply issues with the manufacturer, the Black Mesh Back Cap (G2738) is temporarily unavailable. It is expected to be available again by early April. Check the Dealer Zone for an update.

AMSOIL University Just Around the Corner

AMSOIL University (AU) is the most important Dealer training event of the year, and the 2015 event is rapidly approaching. Join fellow Dealers and AMSOIL corporate staff May 17-20 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC) in Duluth, Minn. Attending AMSOIL University may be the best investment a Dealer makes in his or her AMSOIL business. Dealers who attend AMSOIL University benefit in a number of ways:

• The latest sales, technical and business-building training
• Training devoted to team-building, networking, marketing, business development and Internet strategies
• Numerous opportunities to network with fellow AMSOIL Dealers from all across North America
• Opportunity to interface with AMSOIL corporate personnel
• Opportunity to tour the AMSOIL Center and see firsthand the tremendous growth the company has realized
• A 10 percent rebate on all product orders placed while at AMSOIL University (rebate is capped at $5,000 [10% of $50,000])
• Form friendships that can last a lifetime
• Great food
• Potential tax deduction

To register or obtain additional information, contact AMSOIL registration at (715) 399-6554, email [email protected] or click the AMSOIL University link in the Dealer Zone (Training > Corporate Events > AMSOIL University 2015 Pre-Registration). Remember, now through March 31, Dealers can reserve their place at AU with only a $50 deposit and have until May 1 to pay the balance.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

August 26, 2014
Spring, Texas

December 6, 2014
Executive Direct Jobber
Rock Stream, N.Y.

February 4, 2015
Englewood, Colo.

February 9, 2015
Direct Dealer
Belmont, N.Y.

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880

Monday, February 2, 2015

Premium Protection for High-Horsepower Chrysler and Nissan Applications

Along with the new 5W-50 viscosity formulated for high-horsepower Ford Mustang engines, the Signature Series line now includes a robust 0W-40 synthetic motor oil formulated specifically for high-horsepower Chrysler and Nissan engines. AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil (AZF) provides top-of-the-mark protection and performance that customers expect from Signature Series.

See the February AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Diesel Cetane Boost Now Available in Half-Gallons

AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB) is now available in half-gallon containers. The package size is not available in Canada at this time.

Select Ea® Oil Filter Supply Disruptions

Select Ea® Oil Filters (EAO, EA15K) have experienced supply disruptions over the last couple of months, resulting in backorders. The specific filters affected vary from one week to the next. AMSOIL is exploring all options to resolve this situation. In the meantime, all backorders will be shipped on the day resupply is received. AMSOIL hopes to have a solution in place by mid-February and appreciates your patience.

Ea Air Filters Available at Rock-Bottom Prices

The remaining inventory of AMSOIL Ea Air Filters (EAA) is now available at rock-bottom prices while supplies last. Due to this dramatic price reduction, commissions can no longer be offered. Visit the Ea Air Filters page for pricing and the list of available filters.

Authorized Dealer Website Banners Now Allow Option to Remove Name/Location Information

All registered AMSOIL Dealer websites must host a standardized Authorized Dealer banner at the top of the page that identifies the site as belonging to an independent AMSOIL Dealer. It currently also identifies the Dealer’s name and geographic location (city, state/province). In order to reduce confusion and redundancy, Dealers who include their names, locations (city, state/province) and valid contact information in a visible location elsewhere on their websites (such as a “Contact Us” or “About Us” page) can now choose to remove this information from their Authorized Dealer banners. Visit the Dealer Zone (My Business > My Dealer Website > Authorized Dealer Logo) to select this option.