Monday, December 1, 2014

2015 Calendars Available Now

The 2015 AMSOIL calendar highlights legendary people, events and breakthroughs in the history of AMSOIL INC. The full-color calendar also includes information on AMSOIL INC. and the list of AMSOIL firsts.

Calendars personalized with your contact information are available from the AMSOIL Print Center. Non-personalized calendars are available from AMSOIL.

Non-personalized calendars may be personalized with your business card. Simply insert your business card in the slotted area and your contact information is visible for a full 12 months. No minimum-quantity orders required.

AMSOIL Print Center Pricing* - Personalized
1 – 49 calendars            $2.62 each
50 – 99 calendars          $2.19 each
100 – 249 calendars       $1.84 each
250 – 499 calendars       $1.80 each
500+ calendars              $1.48 each

AMSOIL Pricing** - Non-Personalized
Stock #             Qty.      U.S.      Can.
G1105-EA         1          1.75      2.00
G1105-CA         10         15.00    16.95

* Includes shipping. **Calendars also subject to shipping charges.

AMSOIL University and DJ Convention to Combine in 2015

As you head into the holiday season and get ready to usher in a new year, it’s a great time to reflect upon what you have done to grow your AMSOIL business in 2014 and what you can do to continue to grow in 2015. There may be no greater investment you can make in your business than to attend AMSOIL University (AU).

AU is scheduled for May 17-20, 2015 in Duluth, Minn. This annual Dealer training event will be even more special because it will be held in conjunction with the 2015 AMSOIL Direct Jobber Convention. That’s two major events in one location that are sure to attract hundreds of ambitious Dealers.

The traditional four-day AU schedule will be streamlined into a three-day training event in 2015. The AU curriculum will be divided into two course tracks:

• Core Technology training for first-time AU attendees who have not yet reached the Direct Jobber level
• Business Development training for Dealers who have completed Core training, but are not yet Direct Jobbers
• All Direct Jobbers who attend will participate in a third DJ Convention-only program.

 Dealers who attend AU benefit in a number of ways:

• Training devoted to business development, team-building, Internet strategies, customer relationships and much more
• Numerous opportunities to network with fellow AMSOIL Dealers from all across North America
• Opportunity to interface with AMSOIL corporate personnel
• A 10 percent rebate on all product orders placed while at AMSOIL University
• Form and develop friendships that can last a lifetime
• Great food and social events
• Potential tax deduction

All registrations made prior to February 1, 2015 receive a $50 discount off the tuition price of $447. To register for AMSOIL University/DJ Convention or to obtain additional information, click the 2015 AMSOIL University and Direct Jobber Convention Registration link in the Dealer Zone (Training > Corporate Events > 2015 AMSOIL University and Direct Jobber Convention Registration), contact AMSOIL registration at (715) 399-6554 or email [email protected].

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

November 2, 2014
Direct Dealer
Courtice, ON

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Value of an AMSOIL Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships deliver clear value for AMSOIL Dealers. Each time the AMSOIL logo appears before consumers at events, on TV, in magazines or online, it becomes a little easier for AMSOIL Dealers to sell to those consumers. AMSOIL has carefully selected people, series and events to sponsor that not only deliver on the basics of logo exposure and promotion, but go beyond the norm to forge partnerships from which all parties can benefit. While brand exposure is generally the main objective of any sponsorship, it only scratches the surface of the value each AMSOIL sponsorship provides the company and its Dealers.

See the November AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Combat Fuel Issues with AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additives

Poor diesel fuel quality can foul injectors, accelerate injector pump wear, lead to rough running, impede starting and cause cold-temperature stalling. AMSOIL diesel fuel additives effectively combat these issues and help improve diesel engine performance.

• Addresses problems with high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) engines
• Cleans dirty injectors
• Provides optimal lubricity to help protect the fuel pump and injectors from wear

• Combats fuel gelling
• Improves cold-flow ability up to 20ºF
• Enhances cold-weather reliability

• Provides the benefits of Diesel Injector Clean and Diesel Cold Flow in one convenient package

• Maximizes horsepower
• Helps increase fuel economy
• Improves startability

• Quickly dissolves gelled fuel
• Thaws frozen fuel filters
• Performs well with all diesel fuels

EA15K88 Manufacturing Issue Persists

Although AMSOIL was satisfied with the resolution to the manufacturing issue affecting the EA15K88 Oil Filter, the new process for manufacturing this filter has presented additional challenges. AMSOIL and its filtration partners are continuing to perfect the process and AMSOIL will not reintroduce the EA15K88 until the issue is resolved. AMSOIL adheres to the strictest quality standards, and Dealers can be assured only products that meet those standards will be allowed to reach the marketplace. At this time, it is uncertain when the EA15K88 Filters are expected to be available. Check the Dealer Zone for additional updates.

XL 10W-40 Gallons Available November 1

Effective November 1, AMSOIL XL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil (XLO) is available in gallon containers.

Ea® Air Filter Closeout Sale

The following AMSOIL Ea Air Filters (EAA) are available at closeout prices of up to 50 percent off while supplies last. The AMSOIL product warranty remains in effect for four years from the date of purchase.

Stock #             General Applications and Model Years
EAA170            Dodge Caravan, Town & Country (01-10), Sebring, Avenger (07-10)/ VW Routan (09-11)
EAA484            Ford V6 V8 Explorer/ Lincoln V8 Aviator/ Mercury V6 V8 Mountaineer (02-10)
EAA210            Ford T-Bird (02-05), Freestar (04-07)/ Lincoln LS/ Jaguar (00-06)/ Mercury Monterey (04-07)
EAA103            Ford Trucks w/7.3L Diesel (94-98)
EAA224            Ford Fusion/ Mercury Milan (06-12)/ Lincoln Zephyr V6 3.0L (2006)
EAA88              Ford L4 V6 Ranger, Taurus/ Mercury Sable (86-00)/ Mazda B-Series Trucks (91-95)
EAA234            Acura TSX (04-08)/ Honda Accord w/2.4L (03-07)
EAA74              Infiniti, Nissan (81-13)/ Saab 9-2X (05-07)/ Subaru (90-09)
EAA104            Jeep V6 V8 Grand Cherokee (93-04)/ Nissan Frontier, Pathfinder, Titan (04-13)/ Infiniti QX56 (04-10)/ Suzuki Equator (09-12)
EAA200            Ford/Lincoln V8 Trucks & SUVs w/5.4L Engine (04-09)
EAA208            Audi (00-07)/ Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, Jetta Turbo Diesel (98-12)
EAA217            Dodge Stratus (01-06)/ Chrysler Sebring (01-06)
EAA23              AMC (71-78)/ Chrysler Family of Cars (57-89), Dodge Light Trucks & Vans (71-03), Jeep w/V8 Eng. (71-91)
EAA227            Ford Super Duty PU w/V10 6.8L Engine (05-07)
EAA52              GM Family of Cars (68-85)
EAA209            Volvo C70, V70, S70 (93-07)
EAA289            Ford Mustang (94-04), Ford Contour V6 2.5L HO (98-00)
EAA229            Acura RSX (02-06)/ Honda CRV (02-06), Element (03-06)
EAA207            Geo Prizm (90-92)/ Lexus (90-91)/ Toyota Celica (87-00)
EAA51              Chevrolet/GMC Trucks, Vans (80-91)
EAA82              Audi/VW (76-92), Chrysler Family of Cars and Trucks (84-01)
EAA218            Ford Crown Victoria (03-11)/ Mercury Grand Marquis (07-11), Marauder (03-04)
EAA124            Ford Tempo (92-94)/ Mercury Topaz (92-94)/ Ford Family of Cars (96-99)
EAA112            Chevrolet/GMC V8 Gas & Diesel Pickups (Heavy Duty)(96-on)
EAA128            Chevrolet L4 V6 Malibu/ Oldsmobile Alero/ Pontiac Grand Am (97-05)
EAA129            Ford Family of Cars (86-95)/ Various Caterpillar Equipment
EAA222            Ford Mustang w/5.4L (07-09)
EAA419            Ford Explorer (96-98)
EAA25              GM Family of Cars and Trucks w/Diesel Engines (78-85), Chevrolet/GMC Trucks V8 Diesel (88-97)
EAA240            VW L5 Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Rabbit (06-13)
EAA127            Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid/ Caterpillar 3508B & 3408E Engine (98-04)
EAA232            Honda Accord 3.0L (03-05)
EAA233            Volkswagen L4 and V6 Cabrio, Corrado, Golf & Jetta (92-02)
EAA118            Ford Pickup w/7.3L Diesel (99-00)
EAA49              Ford V8 F-Series, E-Series, Mustang, Bronco/Mercury (85-10)/ Lincoln Town Car (86-11)
EAA189            Dodge Ram P/U w/5.9L Turbo Diesel (03-09)

Donaldson Blue Filters Replace Donaldson ELF Filters

Donaldson ELF filters have been replaced by Donaldson Blue filters. Although the stock numbers remain the same, the prefixes will change from ELF to DBF as the ELF inventory is replaced with Donaldson Blue filters. Donaldson Blue filter performance matches Donaldson ELF filter performance.

Cold-Temperature Storage Recommendations

Because cold-temperature storage can be detrimental to the performance of some AMSOIL products, AMSOIL offers the following storage recommendations:

Lubricants: Store at temperatures at least 10°F above the lubricant’s pour point.

Greases: Store in a dry environment at temperatures above freezing (32°F).

Gasoline Additives, Engine and Transmission Flush: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Diesel Injector Clean, Diesel Cetane Boost, Diesel Recovery: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Diesel Cold Flow, Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow: Store at temperatures above 0°F.

Brake Fluids: Do not store at temperatures below -40°F for longer than two weeks.

Heavy Duty Metal Protector, Metal Protector, Power Foam, Fogging Oil, Silicone Spray, Spray Grease, Heavy-Duty Degreaser: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage as long as products are allowed to warm to room temperature before use.

Miracle Wash®: Store at temperatures above freezing (32°F).

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant: Will not freeze. No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Coolant Boost: Store above 32°F.

Slip Lock®: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage. If product separates, heat to room temperature and shake well before use.

Direct Deposit Available to All Dealers

Direct bank deposit of Dealer commissions is now available to all Dealers.

• Faster than mail delivery
• Avoid unnecessary bank trips
• No deposit delays
• No risk of checks or confidential information being misplaced or lost in the mail
• All commissions deposited the month they are earned

Visit the Dealer Zone to register for direct deposit in two easy steps (My Business > Direct Deposit).

New Ontario Recycling Fees Effective November 1

Stewardship Ontario has increased costs for its recycling programs, and new oil container recycling fees are effective in Ontario November 1. Rates on all two- and four-stroke oil containers will increase by .04 per liter.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

October 10, 2014
Account Direct
Poulsbo, Wash.

October 13, 2014
Lewiston, Mont.

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880