Monday, December 2, 2013

New 2014 AMSOIL Calendars Available

The new 2014 AMSOIL calendar features AMSOIL products and their benefits. The full-color calendar also includes information on AMSOIL INC. and the list of AMSOIL firsts.

Calendars personalized with your contact information are available from the AMSOIL Print Center. Click on the Print Center icon in the Dealer Zone.

Non-personalized calendars are also available and may be personalized with your business card. Simply insert your business card in the slotted area and your contact information is visible for a full 12 months. No minimum-quantity orders required.

AMSOIL Print Center Pricing* - Personalized
1-49 calendars               $2.62 each
50-99 calendars             $2.19 each
100-249 calendars         $1.84 each
250-499 calendars         $1.80 each
500+ calendars              $1.48 each

AMSOIL Pricing* - Non-Personalized
Stock #             Qty.      U.S.      Can.
G1105-EA         1          $1.75    $2.00
G1105-CA         10         $15.00  $16.95

*Calendars also subject to shipping charges.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

October 9, 2013
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

November 20, 2013
Houston, Texas

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880

Friday, November 1, 2013

Synthetic 2-Stroke Oils Grow and Diversify Your Business

While AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (AIT) and HP Marine™ Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (HPM) stand as top-of-the-line two-stroke oils for snowmobile and boat engines respectively, AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil (AIO) was introduced in September as a lower-cost, multi-purpose synthetic oil for snowmobiles and outboard motors, providing retailers, including convenience and auto parts stores, the convenience of a snow and marine oil they can sell and use year-round. AMSOIL now formulates a range of synthetic two-stroke oils for nearly every customer type.

See the November AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Cold-Temperature Storage Recommendations

Because cold-temperature storage can be detrimental to the performance of some AMSOIL products, AMSOIL offers the following storage recommendations:

Lubricants: Store at temperatures at least 10°F above the lubricant’s pour point.

Greases: Store in a dry environment at temperatures above freezing (32°F).

Gasoline Additives, Engine and Transmission Flush: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Diesel Injector Clean, Diesel Cetane Boost, Diesel Recovery: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Diesel Cold Flow, Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow: Store at temperatures above 0°F.

Brake Fluids: Do not store at temperatures below -40°F for longer than two weeks.

Heavy Duty Metal Protector, Metal Protector, Power Foam, Fogging Oil, Silicone Spray, Spray Grease, Heavy-Duty Degreaser: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage as long as products are allowed to warm to room temperature before use.

Miracle Wash®: Store at temperatures above freezing (32°F).

Mothers® products: Store at temperatures above freezing (32°F).

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant: Will not freeze. No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage.

Coolant Boost: Store above 32°F.

Slip-Lock®: No adverse issues with cold-temperature storage. If product separates, heat to room temperature and shake well before use.