Thursday, July 1, 2010

AMSOIL Print Center Now Offers Labels

New pressure-sensitive labels designed to complement AMSOIL business cards are now available in the AMSOIL Print Center. Customizable and convenient, these labels offer a professional option for affixing contact information and referral numbers to literature and allow AMSOIL Dealers to present a consistent business image. For further details and to place an order click the AMSOIL Print Center link on the Dealer Zone Menu.

Protecting Your AMSOIL Business From Scams

It’s a fact of business that active AMSOIL Dealers are engaged in distributing their contact information. Dealers want to reach as many people as possible through methods including business cards, catalogs, telephone directories, text messaging, and through email and websites on the Internet. And while all of this is a necessary and vital function to grow your business, it also exposes your contact information to those individuals who may be involved in scams.

To read the full Protecting Your AMSOIL Business From Scams article, view samples of known scams that target AMSOIL Dealers or to report a possible Internet scam, click the Ask AMSOIL link on the Dealer Zone Menu, then click the Internet Scams link located under the “Website & Internet” section.

New Ask AMSOIL Topic: Converting an ROTS Account to a Dealer

A new Ask AMSOIL question and answer, Converting an ROTS Account to a Dealer, has been posted in the Ask AMSOIL section of the Dealer Zone, discussing the effects and potential advantages and disadvantages a change of status has on both the account and the servicing Dealer.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

May 30, 2010
Baltimore, OH

June 9, 2010
Direct Jobber
Montgomery, AL

June 19, 2010
Premier Direct Jobber
Morris, IL

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Wings of Passage
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maximizing Save 10

Designed to show former AMSOIL Dealers and Preferred Customers that AMSOIL appreciates their business, the Save 10 service provides them the opportunity to continue purchasing premium-quality AMSOIL products at discounted prices (10 percent off suggested retail). Save 10 also offers current Dealers a new tool to aid in customer retention. By maintaining contact with Save 10 customers, Dealers will encourage continued sales and, possibly, renewed interest in the Dealer and Preferred Customer Programs.

Click here for tips on how to get the most out of the Save 10 service.

AMSOIL Redesigns the Dealer Locator

AMSOIL recently launched a new version of the Dealer Locator on the corporate website that provides a series of improvements over the previous system. For example, under the previous system, not all the qualified Dealers registered within the Zip/Postal code radius were listed in the search results. With the new and improved Dealer Locator, a red marker represents every qualified Dealer within 25 miles of the specified Zip/Postal code or city and state.

See the June Action News for more information.

Increased Fuel Efficiency with By-Pass Filtration

By-pass oil filtration introduces a high-capacity secondary filter to an engine’s lubrication cycle that is designed to eliminate nearly all contaminants in the oil. Though widely known that ultra-fine by-pass filtration reduces engine wear and extends drain intervals, few know that its continued use can also increase engine efficiency.

See the June Action News for more information.

AMSOIL Re-Designing Affected Filters

As previously announced, a small number of customers with vehicles from Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Pontiac (with Toyota-built engines) have reported that their vehicles’ oil pressure light has illuminated prior to reaching the end of the AMSOIL-recommended 25,000-mile drain interval (see announcement). These issues have been limited to a few smaller Ea Oil Filters (EaO13, EaO09, EaO10 and EaO57) and do not apply to the entire Ea Oil Filter line. The smaller filters can potentially fill with contaminants rapidly and limit the oil supply to the engine. Although these issues have only been reported in a few extreme cases, AMSOIL has taken steps to limit use of the affected filters on vehicles where these problems have occurred. AMSOIL is currently re-engineering the affected filters and replacements will be available as soon as possible. In the meantime, AMSOIL offers both WIX and MANN oil filters for the affected applications. If a WIX or MANN oil filter is used, AMSOIL recommends changing it at the OEM-recommended interval or 7,500 miles, whichever is longer, when using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil*. Check the AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide for the most up-to-date application information.

*Note: In gasoline-fueled vehicles, AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils are recommended for 7,500-mile/six month oil change intervals, or longer where stated by vehicle manufacturers or indicated by electronic oil life monitoring systems. Change aftermarket, OEM or AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter at every oil change.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (TBI) Discontinued, New Bio Oil Available Soon

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (TBI) is out of stock and discontinued effective immediately. The product will soon be replaced with a new formulation.

New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is a blend of high oleic oils, synthetic esters and ashless additives that meets the U.S. Federal bio-based procurement guidelines as defined in section 9002 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002. It can be used in any mobile or stationary application requiring an ISO VG 46 fluid where leakage or spillage would present an environmental hazard. Applications include construction, logging, farming, lawn and turf care or any environmentally-sensitive task where biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity is desired.

New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil meets the Vickers M2950-S and I-286-S standards, is hydrolytically stable and oxidation resistant. It provides excellent rust and corrosion protection, and a 12-stage FZG rating demonstrates its ability to protect gears and bearings against wear.

New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is compatible with TBI and most synthetic and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. Optimum results will be obtained by draining the previous fluid and refilling with new AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil. Excessive contamination by other fluids will adversely impact its biodegradability and aquatic toxicity performance.

New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil will be available in 5, 55 and 275-gallon package sizes. There are currently no plans to introduce other viscosities to the biodegradable hydraulic fluid line, but this decision will be continuously reevaluated. Further details on the new AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil, including the new product code, will be announced soon.

New Bottle for 3.5-oz. Saber Professional

To establish consistency with the quart and 8-oz. bottles, the 3.5-oz. bottle of Saber Professional (ATPBA) is now natural in color rather than white.

5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound Discontinued

Because the new AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric line of greases provides superior protection for fifth-wheel applications, AMSOIL Synthetic 5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound (GFW) is discontinued and available while supplies last.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime Approved for Sale in North Carolina and Oregon

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime has been approved for distribution in North Carolina and Oregon. It is now approved for sale in all states except Georgia.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

May 9, 2010
Direct Jobber
Fairborn, OH

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