Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dealer Agreement Now Part of Dealership Renewal Process

Some state laws require us to maintain a record of an annual Independent Dealer Agreement with each Dealer. To make the process of maintaining annual Dealer Agreements as smooth as possible, the Dealer Agreement is now part of the Dealership renewal process.

Instead of having all Dealers submit a new agreement each November, we’ve made significant technology investments to enable Dealers to complete the Dealer Agreement each year in the month their Dealership is due to be renewed. Here’s how it will work:

• Dealers who are required to pay a renewal fee (annual payment plan or expiring multi-year payment plan) will be prompted to submit a new Dealer Agreement through DocuSign when they submit payment for their renewal. We will provide 60 days’ advanced notice when it is time to renew.

• Dealers who have signed up for automatic payment of the renewal fee will receive a new Dealer Agreement via DocuSign 60 days prior to the scheduled automatic payment date. Dealers who fail to sign a new annual agreement prior to the scheduled automatic payment date will not be renewed.

• Dealers with a multi-year payment plan that is not set to expire will receive a new Dealer Agreement 60 days prior to the month in which their payment plan would expire if Dealer fees were due. Agreements must be signed and returned by the last day of that month in order to maintain active status.

• Dealers who prepaid for a lifetime payment plan will continue receiving a new Dealer Agreement each September and will need to submit it by Nov. 1 to maintain active status.

• Dealers without an active email address on file will receive their annual Dealer Agreement by U.S. Mail.

• To facilitate signing the Dealer Agreement at the time of renewal, all renewals must now be done online; renewal by telephone will remain an option until May 1.

What if I already submitted a Dealer Agreement this year?

You will still need to submit a new agreement for the upcoming year. This will get your Dealership renewal and annual Dealer Agreement in sync moving forward. For questions about the AMSOIL Dealer Agreement, email [email protected] or call 800-777-7094.