Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dealer Agreement Update

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of active Dealers have already signed the new Dealer agreement and we continue receive signed agreements every day. Thanks to all of you who have already signed the agreement.

Some Dealers have had technology issues or do not have current contact information on file with us, preventing them from signing the agreement. We do not want to inconvenience or lose any Dealers who have been unable to sign the new agreement, so we are extending the deadline to Jan. 1, 2021. This means that no Dealerships will be terminated on Dec. 1, 2020 for failing to sign the new agreement. Time is still short. If you have not signed the agreement, please act now to prevent any disruption to your business. Again, our goal isn't to terminate Dealerships or present obstacles to conducting daily business; it's simply to comply with the law, ensure a level playing field for Dealers and continue to strengthen and secure this great opportunity for another 50 years. We understand this is a new process, but we're here to answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Dealers who have not yet signed the Dealer agreement by Jan. 1, 2021 may still place orders, but we'll hold those orders and ship them after the agreement is signed. We'll reach out to Dealers in this situation to remind them of the need to sign the Dealer agreement and help them through the process to minimize the delay in shipping their orders.



  • If you haven't signed the Dealer agreement yet, check your email inbox for a message from DocuSign. Review the Dealer agreement and sign it online by Jan. 1, 2021. If you don't see an email in your inbox from DocuSign with a link to your agreement, check your junk mailbox. If you find it there, we recommend that you add DocuSign (docusign.com) to your “safe-sender list” (in your Junk Email settings) to ensure future messages land in your inbox.

  • We have also mailed hard copies of the agreement to all Dealers who have not yet signed. If you need a new copy (or have any other questions), contact Customer Service.

            800-777-7094 (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time)

            [email protected]

  • Review your Active Personal Customers report in the Dealer Zone. Click on D for Dealers to see which Dealers in your group have submitted a signed agreement to AMSOIL. Encourage those who have not to complete the agreement before the new Jan. 1 deadline.

Thanks for your hard work selling AMSOIL products, and thanks for being an AMSOIL Dealer.