Tuesday, December 1, 2015

AMSOIL Launches New Lead-Handling Process

On Dec. 1 AMSOIL launched a new process to nurture leads who request information about AMSOIL. This process affects all customer and Dealer leads and was carefully designed to improve conversions and maintain the prospect-Dealer relationship.

The new process uses automated marketing software to nurture leads and pass them onto T-1 Certified Dealers when they convert to paying customers or AMSOIL Dealers. It’s important to note that leads who indicate a specific Dealer when they make contact with AMSOIL will be handed off to the Dealer they reference once they convert. Dealers will be able to see Dealer lead information, but we ask that Dealers keep in mind that leads are automatically receiving nurturing emails from AMSOIL and that additional emails may be considered spam, potentially causing Dealers to lose Dealer leads.

For an explanation of the new lead-handling process, see the October AMSOIL Magazine. More information will be available in the December AMSOIL Magazine.