Friday, January 1, 2010

Consumers Pay More Attention to Vehicle Maintenance in 2009

According to The NPD Group, consumers increased their vehicle maintenance behaviors in 2009.  In addition, 30 percent indicated they will perform more vehicle maintenance in 2010 and 64 percent indicated they will perform the same amount of maintenance in 2010.  These findings correlate with industry research that shows an increasing number of people delaying new vehicle purchases and deciding to keep their current vehicles on the road longer.

The following are among the key areas consumers increased their maintenance practices in 2009:
Maintenance Practice20082009
Use a More Premium Oil8%11%
Change Motor Oil More Often12%18%
Change Motor Oil Less Often6%7%
Change Air Filter37%41%
Use a Fuel Additive to Clean/Improve Performance9%11%
Use a Fuel Additive to Improve Gas Mileage7%8%
Change Spark Plugs16%17%
Purchase a Higher Quality Brand of Gasoline3%4%
Check Tire Pressure56%57%