Monday, March 3, 2014

Canadian Environmental Handling Charges

Ontario – Filter Recycling Fees Suspended
Stewardship Ontario has charged flat recycling rates on oil filters. Under this model it built-up an excess fund, and in order to draw it down, filter-recycling fees were suspended starting in October 2013. AMSOIL also stopped collecting the filter-recycling fees from customers at this time. This fee suspension is estimated to end in October 2014, at which time a new actual-cost model will be used.

Several Canadian recycling fee increases are effective March 1, 2014:

Ontario – Oil Containers
Stewardship Ontario charges AMSOIL for the actual costs of its oil container recycling program, proportioned based on AMSOIL sales volume. Because the cost model was implemented in 2012, the rates have exceeded what AMSOIL collects from customers. The environmental handling charge will be adjusted from 0.09 to 0.15 per quart bottle to better reflect the actual costs. Similar adjustments will affect all other oil container sizes in Ontario.

All Provinces
To better reflect actual costs of the quart bottle recycling program, recycling fees will increase by 0.01 per quart across all provinces.

A recent update of the Canadian Wholesale Price List (G8500) reflects the new rates.