Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Revitalized Retail Account Zone

The AMSOIL Retail Account Zone has been upgraded to provide more value and better access for AMSOIL retail accounts. It is designed to provide accounts with everything they need to succeed in selling AMSOIL products, much like the Dealer Zone is for Dealers. It provides fast access to online forms, reports, price lists and the servicing Dealer’s contact information, in addition to technical/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information and other important business tools. Prominent placement of important items gives retailers and auto service centers quick access to the items they need to help them run their businesses more efficiently. With improved functionality and navigation and several new tools, the revitalized Retail Zone offers substantially increased value to accounts.

See the April AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 Mid-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil Now Carries Key OEM Licenses

To help Dealers further penetrate the European vehicle market, AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 Mid-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil (AFL) is now licensed to the following original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications:

• BMW Longlife-04
• MB-Approval 229.51
• Porsche A40

The label has been updated to include these new licenses.

The new licenses will help Dealers capture more sales to accounts who value OEM licensing. AMSOIL is currently pursuing additional OEM licenses for its European Car Formula line.

Due to different designs and operating conditions, European vehicles have different motor oil requirements than domestic vehicles. AMSOIL Dealers are in a position to educate customers and accounts on these different requirements, while providing premium synthetic lubricants formulated specifically to meet their needs.

New Value Kit from Oil Analyzers is Here

AMSOIL now offers a new Oil Analyzers Value Kit (KIT14). The OAI Value Kit may be offered as an affordable option when a full fluid analysis is not required. The Value Kit addresses the one question most of your customers ask – Is my oil good for continued use?

The new kit costs less and is easy to use. It is designed only to reveal whether the oil is suitable for continued use and includes only the most important tests: oil thickness, corrosion potential, wear metals and beneficial oil additives. It is not designed to provide full test results, which are necessary to establish ongoing drain intervals or determine troubleshooting information for vehicle performance investigations.

For more information, visit the Dealer Zone.

Oil Analyzers Value Kit
$13.95 U.S. Wholesale
$17.45 U.S. Retail

Exciting Change Coming for the Retail Catalog Program

While Dealers have come to expect a new Retail Catalog (G100/G300) with the April issue of AMSOIL Magazine, an exciting change to the Retail Catalog Program has pushed the new catalog’s availability to May. Look for details and the new catalog in the May issue of AMSOIL Magazine.

90 More Reasons to Attend AMSOIL University!

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All AMSOIL University attendees are invited to help celebrate AMSOIL President Al Amatuzio’s 90th birthday at the AMSOIL University President’s Dinner.

Join employees, Dealers and Al’s family and friends in honoring the man behind AMSOIL.

Instead, go to the Dealer Forum in the Dealer Zone at myaccount.amsoil.com to express your birthday greetings.

AMSOIL University is Just Around the Corner
AMSOIL University (AU) is the most important Dealer training event of the year, and the 2014 event is rapidly approaching. Join fellow Dealers and AMSOIL corporate staff May 18-22 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC) in Duluth, Minn. Attending AMSOIL University may be the best investment a Dealer makes in his or her AMSOIL business. Dealers who attend AMSOIL University benefit in a number of ways:

• The latest sales, technical and business-building training
• Training devoted to team-building, networking, marketing, business development and Internet strategies
• Numerous opportunities to network with fellow AMSOIL Dealers from all across North America
• Opportunity to interface with AMSOIL corporate personnel
• Opportunity to tour the AMSOIL Center and see firsthand the tremendous growth the company has realized
• A 10 percent rebate (up to $5,000) on product orders placed while at AMSOIL University
• Form and develop friendships that can last a lifetime
• Great food
• Potential tax deduction

To register or obtain additional information, contact AMSOIL registration at (715) 399-6554, email [email protected] or click the AMSOIL University link in the Dealer Zone (Training > Corporate Events > AMSOIL University 2014 Pre-Registration).