Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HP Marine™ Moving to Silver Bottles

HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (HPM) is now being packaged in silver bottles rather than natural (clear) bottles. Silver gallons and quarts will begin arriving in AMSOIL distribution centers throughout the next month.

Marketing Plan Changes

AMSOIL has updated its Marketing Plan to protect the business opportunity for all Dealers and to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. New and revised policies are highlighted in blue. Changes are effective November 1. To allow time for programming and website design, the new authorized Dealer logo will not be enforced until January 1. See the Dealer Zone for more information. The updated Marketing Plan Policies (G47A) document will be available soon.

Dealer Agreement
• Every Dealer must agree to conduct his/her AMSOIL business in strict compliance with all policies contained in the AMSOIL Marketing Plan in effect at the date of registration and all subsequent amendments. AMSOIL retains the right to modify, amend and change its policies and all terms and conditions of your AMSOIL Dealership, including the calculation of commissions and commission credits. AMSOIL will provide 30 days written notice of amendments through electronic and/or print media. The most current copies of the Marketing Plan are posted in the Dealer Zone.

• No Dealer shall directly or indirectly advertise or imply the offer of free or discounted Dealer or Preferred Customer memberships in any national medium, including broadcast, print and electronic formats.

• New – No Dealer shall directly or indirectly advertise, imply or encourage potential customers to email, call, submit web forms or take other actions to receive special product, membership or freight prices, rebates, scholarships or discounts in any national medium, including broadcast, print and electronic formats.

• Dealers may not sell or advertise AMSOIL products or memberships at online auction sites (such as eBay) or comparison shopping sites (such as Amazon). Discontinued products may, however, be offered on sites such as eBay after the product has been officially discontinued and no longer available from AMSOIL INC. for not less than six (6) months.

• New – Online Dealer advertisements using the keyword “AMSOIL” must link directly to the homepage of the Dealer’s website. At a minimum the homepage must provide features and benefits of synthetic lubricants, details of the main AMSOIL marketing programs, options for buying AMSOIL products, links to the AMSOIL corporate site and contact information for the Dealer. The homepage may not contain contact forms for collecting consumer information or Google ads or other advertisements for non-AMSOIL products and marketing opportunities.

• New – Dealers engaged in location-based Internet advertising must clearly identify themselves as an independent AMSOIL Dealer and must accurately identify their physical location (city and state).

Online Content and Dealer Websites
• New – All AMSOIL Dealer websites must host standardized code provided by AMSOIL INC. for an authorized logo which:

- Identifies the site as belonging to an independent Dealer and not AMSOIL INC.
- Identifies the Dealer’s name and physical geographic location (city and state)
- Is displayed at the top of all pages
- Is standardized so the size, color, font and location cannot be altered
- Is available in the Dealer Zone under Services>Dealer Websites>Authorized Website Logo

• New – All online contact forms must contain the following disclaimer: “Personal contact information will only be used to provide requested information or assistance. You will not be enrolled in advertising or marketing programs and your information will not be shared or sold.”

• New – Dealer sites that collect contact information or encourage personal contact through phone or email must contain a privacy statement. Examples are available under the Services menu in the Dealer Zone (Services>Dealer Websites>Privacy Statement Examples).

Sales Policies
• New – Dealers and other customers must receive products from an AMSOIL distribution center in the country in which the products are going to be used, sold or distributed. Products shipped or picked up within the United States cannot be sold, shipped or transported into Canada and vice versa.

• New – AMSOIL reserves the right to investigate Dealers’ sales of products directly to customers to ensure compliance with policies and to protect the business opportunity for all Dealers. Upon request, Dealers must provide sales records and other information including, but not limited to, customer names, addresses, prices and product selection.

• New – Dealers advertising or selling AMSOIL products and marketing programs at public events cannot advertise or sell currently marketed products at less-than-current wholesale prices.

Farm Exemption Policy Update

Although AMSOIL previously accepted Farm/Agricultural sales tax exemptions in the following states, further review indicates the states do not exempt oil or grease purchased for farm use. Oil and grease is viewed as a consumable supply, not an exempt repair or replacement part. The Farm/Agricultural tax exempt status of accounts in these states will expire November 1, 2013, and AMSOIL can no longer accept Farm/Agricultural exemptions for these states. New orders placed after November 1, 2013 in the affected states will be charged tax. A few products, including AGGRAND fertilizer, could still be tax exempt. Refer to each state’s Farm/Agricultural exemption rules using the links below. Fill out a Sales Tax Refund Claim Form (G20) to have the tax credited back to your account on these orders.


AMSOIL Wings of Passage

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