Monday, January 3, 2022

Price Adjustment Effective Jan. 10

We are implementing a minimal price adjustment in the U.S. and Canada effective Jan. 10. Commissions will also be adjusted.

Why Are We Adjusting Prices?

We are continuing to face rapidly rising raw-material, labor and transportation costs. The COVID-19 pandemic and other global factors have disrupted the supply and demand for raw materials. We are receiving increases, often daily, on everything from the base oils and additives used to formulate lubricants to the cardboard and plastic used for packaging.

Our competitors have also issued multiple price increases. We take price increases seriously and only make adjustments when necessary. We expect affected products to increase by an average of 4-5%, with some products increasing slightly less and others increasing slightly more. Coolant prices are particularly affected due to ethylene glycol and propylene glycol supply-chain issues.

Accessing Updated Pricing  

Updated pricing information is available in the Pricing Lookup in the Dealer and Account Zones. To access pricing effective Jan. 10, select a product type in the menu, then select “Future Pricing.” The AMSOIL Wholesale Price List (G3500, G8500) and catalogs (Factory-Direct [G100, G300], Automotive [G3549, G3550], Powersports & Racing [G3511, G3512], Commercial Program [G3469, G3474], Retail Program [G3520, G3521]) are available with updated pricing in the Dealer Zone. Printed versions will be available as soon as possible. A printed Wholesale Price List will be included with the January AMSOIL Magazine. We will notify your retail and commercial accounts of the price adjustment and include a Wholesale Price List in the January Service Line. We encourage you to follow up with them in person as well.