Leads Nurturing Process Designed to Maximize Customer Conversion

AMSOIL receives tens of thousands of leads through its corporate website each year. In order to help Dealers achieve maximum...

January 4, 2016
AMSOIL receives tens of thousands of leads through its corporate website each year. In order to help Dealers achieve maximum business growth and success, AMSOIL has invested hundreds of hours of careful research and development into a new corporate leads nurturing process designed to maximize the conversion of online leads into buying AMSOIL customers.

Leads are nurtured through a well-designed, professional, targeted marketing campaign. When leads request a catalog or more information on the Business Opportunities page, they can choose whether they are interested in receiving information as a potential customer, Dealer, retail or commercial account. Based on this information, we place them in the appropriate email track, which includes up to 16 targeted nurturing emails (one approximately every 7-10 days).

If the lead arrives at the AMSOIL website through a Dealer website, that Dealer’s contact information (including email address and phone number) is included on all the nurturing emails that lead receives. The Dealer also receives that lead’s contact information (excluding email address). You may communicate with the lead through phone, letter or in-person with the understanding that AMSOIL is sending the lead nurturing emails on your behalf. Any further email contact initiated by the Dealer could be confusing, cause information overload and potentially lose that prospect, and Dealers are discouraged from contacting these leads through email. Because the lead is provided with the Dealer’s contact information, he or she may reach out to the Dealer if they require more information.

Once the lead converts into a customer, he or she is registered to the Dealer who initially provided the lead (if the lead was transferred through a Dealer website) or assigned to a Dealer through the T1 Program (if the lead arrived directly through the AMSOIL website).

Through this program, Dealers are relieved of the responsibility of creating email messages that may or may not resonate with the lead, and they are no longer obligated to fulfill the leads program timelines and reporting requirements, freeing time and resources to generate more customers and service existing customers.

The new program also allows all leads to receive the information they requested at a fast and consistent rate. Marketing data shows that prospects who request online information expect to receive that information within six hours. If the information takes longer to arrive, their interest declines and they often move on. The new AMSOIL email marketing program allows us to meet these prospect expectations, helping Dealers gain more customers and successfully build their businesses.