Monday, April 1, 2013

Changes in Midwest Distribution

Effective April 1, AMSOIL INC. is realigning the Midwest distribution network by shipping more orders directly from its primary distribution center in Superior, Wis. to customers in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska.

Customers in the affected areas will begin receiving shipments from the Superior Distribution Center after April 1; however, they still have the option to pick up products in Chicago, Wichita or any other distribution center by simply specifying so at the time of ordering. The Distribution Center Locations Map (G92) is useful for determining your primary distribution center, and it has been revised to reflect these changes.

AMSOIL has made great strides in improving order-to-ship times over the past 12 months. Dealers and customers are told to expect delivery of their products four to eight business days after the orders are placed, and AMSOIL generally outperforms that promise. This change in the Midwest will reduce incidents of backorders, eliminate multiple shipments for Superior-only items, reduce damage and help mitigate rising freight costs. If you have questions regarding the new Midwest distribution network, contact your regional sales manager.