Monday, August 1, 2022

AMSOIL Sponsorships Continue to Grow in 2022

Sponsorships and events help connect us with enthusiasts and generate excitement on a widescale level. They also help us grow the AMSOIL brand, which is an integral part of independent Dealer success. When AMSOIL has nationwide brand recognition, it becomes easier for Dealers to get their foot in the door and start making connections with prospects. This year we’ve expanded our investments in marketing and events and added a few new sponsorships.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Upgraded Empowerkit Websites Launching in August

AMSOIL partners with Empowerkit to offer AMSOIL Dealers a variety of outstanding website packages. On Aug. 15, we’re updating our template of the Empowerkit sites for Dealers. The new template offers a greater professional online appearance and connection to the AMSOIL brand.

If you have an existing Empowerkit website, your site will be affected by this change. Be sure to check out the new template when it becomes available and start customizing your Dealer website.

What’s changing?

• We’ve built new, enhanced sliders that connect your website with the enthusiasts who buy products from you. You will have the option to select these slider images for your site.

• We’ve also updated the call-to-action buttons to tie in the overall AMSOIL branding message even further.

What’s not changing?

• The website package options for AMSOIL Dealers, ranging from a basic online business presence to a fully enabled, customizable, editable website, will remain the same.

• The website package option rates will also remain the same.

• While AMSOIL is driving the change to our Empowerkit website template, any issues pertaining to overall website function should still be directed toward Empowerkit.

For more information on creating a Dealer website, go to the Dealer Zone and select Business Tools>Marketing Your Dealership>My Dealer Website.

Advanced Copy of the TN50 Dealer Profit List Available

To provide Dealers with a preview of the profit values they can expect when the TN50 compensation plan launches, we’re posting an advanced copy of the TN50 Dealer Profit List (G3779) in the Dealer Zone (Digital Library>Literature>Price Lists & Catalogs>TN50 Dealer Profit List – G3779). The TN50 Dealer Profit List provides U.S. wholesale prices and profit values for AMSOIL products as they would be if the TN50 compensation plan were in effect today.

This advanced copy is a draft only and is not to be distributed. Pricing and profit values are current as of July 1, 2022, but are subject to change prior to the launch of the TN50 compensation plan Oct. 1, 2022.

Send any questions to [email protected].

New Customer Billing Portal in Retail and Commercial Account Zones

We are always looking for ways to improve processes and upgrade our online technologies, and we’ve created a new Customer Billing Portal for the Account Zones as a result.

The Customer Billing Portal hosts payments, order history, confidential credit and tax-exempt information, invoices, account settings and the ability to manage invoice preferences.

Click to enlarge
What’s New?

· The View Invoices section has a redesigned, mobile-friendly view and lists all outstanding and paid invoices up to three years. Invoice payments are completed in a redesigned secure checkout.

· Applications for credit and tax-exempt status have been redesigned to be completed fully online.

· Under Manage Invoice Preferences, accounts have the option to opt-in to receive invoices by email instead of postal mail. They can input up to four email addresses to send their invoices.

The Customer Billing Portal is now up in the Account Zones. Make sure your retail and commercial accounts are aware of the update.

2022 Model-Year Information Now Available in Some Powersports Lookups

The AMSOIL Motorcycle, UTV and Personal Watercraft Lookups are now updated with 2022 model-year details. The ATV, Outboard and Snowmobile Lookups will be updated later this year.

New Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil Viscosities Coming in September

Available Sept. 6, new AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil and 5W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil will provide expanded protection for hard-working and performance ATVs and UTVs, including those made by Honda,* Can-Am* and Kawasaki.* Watch for the September edition of AMSOIL Magazine for details.

*All trademarked names are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use.

Commercial Training: AMSOIL Dyno Lab

The August commercial training session will focus on the AMSOIL Dyno Lab. It is designed to provide a better understanding of how the lab operates, what is tested and why, and how the testing ties into marketing AMSOIL products. This knowledge can provide you with more confidence and success when talking with commercial customers. We will be joined by Staff Product Development Engineer Mark Nyholm to lead the training.

The one-hour meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 11 a.m. Central. Use this link to join the meeting at the scheduled time:

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only):


+1 920-393-7463,,396437530#


Phone Conference ID: 396 437 530#

You will have the option to download the client or use the web (browser) client. Using the web client does not require the installation of software on your device.

Can’t make the training? All commercial training recordings are available in the Dealer Zone (Digital Library>Videos>Commercial Account Training).

We are excited to continue our journey into growing this emerging market.

Mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you on Aug. 17.

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Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity; please include your name, address and phone number. Unsigned letters will not be published.

Literature Updates

The revised AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil Data Sheet (G2090) is now available.

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