Monday, August 2, 2021

Marketing at Full Throttle

The success of our independent Dealers is directly connected to the growth of the AMSOIL brand. And vice versa. It’s a symbiotic relationship that gives true meaning to the saying, “a rising tide lifts all ships.” Target prospects are easier to approach and convert to loyal customers if they already have awareness and a positive opinion of the brand. In addition, customers acquired through efforts that entice people to make purchases online are assigned to Customer-Certified Dealers for ongoing support. The more traffic we can bring to the AMSOIL site, the more customers we can acquire and assign to Dealers. For these reasons, we focus heavily on driving brand recognition and online customer acquisition.

We use a mix of events, marketing channels and tactics to introduce consumers to the brand and, as much as possible, help them understand the value of our products. See the August AMSOIL Magazine for a brief overview of our strategy as we head into the new fiscal year.

Store Summer Equipment with Confidence

The weather may still be warm, but fall is right around the corner, and your customers will be putting their summer equipment away for the season. Preventive maintenance is critical before storing equipment for any extended period of time. Properly storing equipment protects the engine, prevents rust and prepares it for action when summer comes calling again. With the right lubrication and use of fuel additives, your customers will be on the right track to preventing major headaches.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for information about how AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil and Gasoline Stabilizer keep stored summer equipment fresh and ready for action in the spring.

Breaking Down Viscosity

The physical properties of lubricants include important characteristics like viscosity, shear stability, high- and low-temperature performance, water resistance and volatility. Lubrication science seeks to optimize a lubricant’s performance by managing these properties through the use of different base oils and additives. Of the fundamental physical properties, viscosity – the measure of the internal friction of a liquid, or its resistance to flow – is one of the most critical.

See the August AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Lifetime and Multi-Year Dealership Updates

The Dealership expiration date for prepaid lifetime payment plans has been extended to Oct. 31, 2060. All Dealers, including those with prepaid lifetime or multi-year payment plans, must complete an annual Independent Dealer Agreement for their Dealership to remain active.

• Dealers who prepaid for a lifetime payment plan will continue receiving a new Dealer Agreement each September and will need to submit it by Nov. 1 to maintain active status.

• Dealers with a multi-year payment plan that is not set to expire will receive a new Dealer Agreement 60 days prior to the month in which their payment plan would expire if Dealer fees were due. Agreements must be signed and returned by the last day of that month in order to maintain active status.

Dealers may complete the Independent Dealer Agreement electronically through DocuSign or by returning the hard copy agreement that will be sent to them via U.S. Mail. The annual Dealer Agreement must be completed within the designated timeframe in order for the Dealership to remain active. If the agreement is not completed, the Dealership will be deactivated and those with multi-year payment plans will have their Dealer fees refunded on a prorated basis. For questions about the AMSOIL Dealer Agreement, email [email protected] or call 800-777-7094.

Commercial Training: Overcoming Challenges

The August commercial training session will be on overcoming challenges in the commercial market. The entire hour will be devoted to Dealers sharing real-life challenges they encounter when attempting to win new commercial customers or expand existing commercial business. Were you able to overcome the challenge? If not, does anyone have ideas? This will be an open forum that provides everyone the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. Don’t have any experience in the commercial market yet? Share any concerns you may have about getting started. Because this meeting will rely on Dealers sharing their experiences, please try to make time to attend live.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 11 a.m. Central. Use this link to join the meeting at the scheduled time:

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only):


 +1 920-393-7463,,515761971#


Phone Conference ID: 515 761 971#

You will have the option to download the client or use the web (browser) client. Using the web client does not require the installation of software on your device.

Can’t make the training? All meeting recordings will be available in AMSOIL University within the Dealer Zone (Sales & Business Development>Commercial Program Training Recordings).

We are excited to continue our journey into growing this emerging market.

Mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you on Aug. 18.

Changes to Password Requirements Coming Aug. 3

To better align with the current best practices recommended by the payment card industry and other governing bodies, we will be making several changes to our security protocols throughout 2021 and beyond.

Some of these improvements will happen behind the scenes to offer greater data security and will not require users to make any changes in how they do business with us. Other improvements may offer optional security features and ease-of-use benefits which can be opted into at the user's discretion. Finally, some improvements will require action from users whose accounts might not meet the recommended minimum requirements.

The first such change that may require action from accounts and customers will be deployed on Aug. 3. This update to our security will include new password strength requirements for and all the portals leading to the customer zones.

PLEASE NOTE: Users who currently use automatic password managers or store passwords in their browsers should take care to update them with these new passwords, as this is a common reason for lockouts today.

Here are some tips for Dealers and customers who may have difficulty using an older, insecure password which will require a reset:

• Accounts are locked out after 5 failed password attempts. This will automatically reset after a period of 30 minutes.

• On or before Jan. 1, 2022, if the user’s current password does not meet the new requirements below, they will be presented with a prompt to immediately reset his or her password at login. 

• After a successful reset, the user will be returned to the login screen to use the new password by logging in once again.

• The new minimum password requirements are as follows:

o   Passwords must be 8 characters or greater in length (formerly 6)

o   Passwords MUST CONTAIN the following:

ü  One or more uppercase characters

ü  One or more lowercase characters

ü  One or more numbers

ü  One or more special characters ([email protected]#$%^&* etc.)

o   Passwords CANNOT CONTAIN the following:

X  The user's email address, name, dates with four-digit patterns (19## or 20##) or simple sequences of numbers and letters (aaaa, 1234, etc.)

X  The words “AMSOIL,” “Password,” “QWERTY” or “Dealer”

X  Any of the last 5 valid passwords

These new guidelines will be presented to the user on the password reset screens and will also be highlighted as detected when users attempt to use a password which does not meet these requirements.

If you or any of your customers have additional questions or concerns with these changes, or need additional assistance with establishing a secure password, please contact [email protected] and a representative will be in touch to assist you within the next business day.

New Las Vegas Distribution Center Opens Aug. 2

The new Las Vegas Distribution Center will re-open at its new location Monday, Aug. 2 at 9 a.m.

New address: 6150 East Tropical Pkwy Ste 125 N Las Vegas 89115

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WIX 57060 Oil Filter Packaging

A small quantity of our WIX 57060 oil filter stock was delivered without shrink-wrapping or a box due to a manufacturing error. The filters themselves are perfectly fine. Moving forward, we are packaging them in plastic bags to protect their integrity during shipment. We are working with our partners at WIX to mitigate any additional packaging issues while maintaining our supply of WIX 57060 filters.

WIX Temporarily Substituting MANN-Branded Filters for Certain WIX-Branded Filters

WIX has decided to temporarily substitute MANN-branded filters for a small number of WIX-branded filters due to supply chain disruptions. These filters are packaged in WIX-branded boxes, and they meet the fit and function requirements of the WIX part number printed on the filter. The filters maintain the full backing of the WIX product warranty when used for the recommended applications associated with the WIX filter number.

WIX Price Adjustment

Effective Sept. 1, WIX has implemented an average 3.5 percent price increase on its filters due to increased raw-material costs.

Literature Updates

A number of new and revised literature items are now available. Take advantage of these great items to help grow your business and increase sales.

SG Series Synthetic Extreme-Pressure Gear Oil Data Sheet (G1256)

SEVERE GEAR® 100% Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Lube Data Sheet (G2043)

SAE 60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil Data Sheet (G2798)

V-Twin Motorcycles Fair Handout (G3338)

ALTRUM Dealer Catalog (G3756)

Training Outlines for Monthly Dealer Meetings

Check the Dealer Zone each month for the latest Dealer meeting outline. The monthly outlines enable presenters to discuss timely and relevant AMSOIL subject material with their teams through teleconference, Skype or in person. Dealer meeting outlines are accessible in the Dealer Zone (Learning Center>Dealer Meetings>Monthly Meeting Outlines).

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