Monday, March 3, 2014

Dealers Can Now Register for New AMSOIL Dealer Business Software (DBS)

The new AMSOIL Dealer Business Software (DBS) is designed to help Dealers operate their businesses more efficiently. Key features include the following:

• Manage customers, leads and vendors
• Integrates with existing AMSOIL business information
• Receive and manage inventory
• Generate quotes, orders, receipts and invoices
• Integrates with EZ Online Order and Volume-Transfer forms
• Flexible price, discount, tax and freight options on a customer-by-customer basis
• Sales, customer, inventory and other business-reporting capability
• Internet-based so data and functions are available anywhere a stable Internet connection is available
• Compatible with computers, tablets and smart phones

The DBS is available to all AMSOIL Dealers. It may be most valuable to established Dealers who stock AMSOIL products and sell directly to customers. This valuable new tool is ideal for Dealers looking to maintain strong customer relationships and continually grow their AMSOIL businesses.

License Fee (covers licensing and upgrades): $49.95
Monthly Fee: $9.95

The new DBS will be released to small groups of Dealers in phases, which will allow AMSOIL to provide better support and fix user-reported bugs in a more timely manner. Dealers interested in subscribing to the DBS should register in the Dealer Zone under the Business Tools menu (Business Tools > Dealer Business System).

Look for more information in the April AMSOIL Magazine.

Tax Documents Now Available in the Dealer Zone

AMSOIL Dealers may now access their tax information in the Dealer Zone (My Business > Year End Tax Documents), including printable 1099 Misc (U.S.) and T4A (Canada) forms.

AMSOIL mailed all 1099 forms by January 31, 2014 and all T4A forms by February 28, 2014. As a reminder, AMSOIL is not qualified to provide, and does not offer, any tax advice. Please consult a tax advisor. Dealers suspecting an error on their 1099 or T4A forms are advised to gather their check stubs and call the accounting department at 715-399-6348.

Account Services Contact Information
Fax: (715) 395-5332
Direct Phone Line: (715) 399-6348

Please note: In 2015, tax forms will be available in the Dealer Zone as early as January 31 for U.S. Dealers and February 28 for Canadian Dealers. Dealers will no longer have to wait for the forms to arrive in the mail. AMSOIL will notify Dealers when the forms are available.

Metal Protector Price Increase

Due to the increased cost of raw materials, AMSOIL Metal Protector (AMP/CMP) is subject to a minimal price increase effective March 1. Please note the adjusted pricing supersedes the pricing printed in the new Canadian Wholesale Price List (G8500).

Stock #     Units   Pkg./Size                          Wt.         Comm.     U.S.        U.S. Sugg. Can.      Can. Sugg.
                                                                   Lbs.       Credits     Wholesale Retail      Wholesale Retail
AMPSC     EA       (1) 8.75-oz. Spray Can         0.75          2.85          4.65          6.05          5.60          7.30
AMPSC     CA       (12) 8.75-oz. Spray Cans     9.00          34.21        52.80        71.30        63.95        86.30
CMPSC     EA       (1) 208-g. Spray Can           0.75          2.85          4.65          6.05          5.60          7.30
CMPSC     CA       (12) 208-g. Spray Cans        9.00          34.21        52.80        71.30        63.95        86.30

High Performance Brake Fluid Discontinued in Canada

Due to excessive regulations and low sales, Canadian-labeled Series 500 High Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid (BF3SNC) is discontinued and available while supplies last.

Canadian Environmental Handling Charges

Ontario – Filter Recycling Fees Suspended
Stewardship Ontario has charged flat recycling rates on oil filters. Under this model it built-up an excess fund, and in order to draw it down, filter-recycling fees were suspended starting in October 2013. AMSOIL also stopped collecting the filter-recycling fees from customers at this time. This fee suspension is estimated to end in October 2014, at which time a new actual-cost model will be used.

Several Canadian recycling fee increases are effective March 1, 2014:

Ontario – Oil Containers
Stewardship Ontario charges AMSOIL for the actual costs of its oil container recycling program, proportioned based on AMSOIL sales volume. Because the cost model was implemented in 2012, the rates have exceeded what AMSOIL collects from customers. The environmental handling charge will be adjusted from 0.09 to 0.15 per quart bottle to better reflect the actual costs. Similar adjustments will affect all other oil container sizes in Ontario.

All Provinces
To better reflect actual costs of the quart bottle recycling program, recycling fees will increase by 0.01 per quart across all provinces.

A recent update of the Canadian Wholesale Price List (G8500) reflects the new rates.

AMSOIL University Registration Discount Extended

AMSOIL University is fast approaching, and we want to give Dealers every opportunity to attend. With this in mind, and recognizing that the cost of virtually everything is increasing, AMSOIL has extended the reduced registration fee period for AU 2014 through March 31. All registrations made prior to April 1, 2014 will be at the reduced price of $397 per Dealer. That’s a savings of $50 per person.

There are additional costs for attending AMSOIL University, but did you know they can often be written off as business expenses? AMSOIL also provides a continental breakfast every day, lunch three out of four days, a barbeque cookout at the AMSOIL Center Tuesday evening and hosts the President’s Dinner Wednesday night. AMSOIL University gives you bang for your buck.

Dealers who invest in themselves by receiving the best training possible at AMSOIL University often attribute their later success to attending AU. This is not only because of what was learned in the classroom, but from networking with other successful Dealers and interfacing with AMSOIL corporate personnel. If that weren’t enough, don’t forget that all Dealers attending AU 2014 receive a 10 percent rebate on all product orders placed while at AU, up to a total of $50,000. Where else can you make 10 percent on your money in just a few days?

If you want to bring your family they won’t be disappointed. Duluth, Minn. is recognized nationally as a must-see tourist destination.

Mark your calendars and join us for AMSOIL University May 18-22, 2014 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, Minn. To register or obtain additional information, click the AMSOIL University link in the Dealer Zone (Training > Corporate Events > AMSOIL University 2014 Pre-Registration), contact AMSOIL registration at (715) 399-6554 or email [email protected].

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

December 7, 2013
Lifetime Dealer
Seattle, Wash.

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880