Monday, February 3, 2014

New Volume Transfer Form and Report

An updated Volume Transfer Form and Volume Transfer Report will be launched February 10. While the layout has changed slightly, several improvements will improve speed and accuracy:

• Dealer and Preferred Customer names automatically populate when valid Z.O. and Preferred Customer numbers are entered.

• A search function finds Z.O. and Preferred Customer numbers without leaving the form.

• Incomplete forms can be saved and submitted at a later time.

• The new format helps corporate staff process transfers and update the monthly Personal and Group Volume Reports more quickly. This will allow transfers to be processed automatically in the near future, further increasing speed and accuracy.

• New transfer reports can be used to confirm accuracy and allow transactions to be searched by date and/or customer number.

AMSOIL Discontinues Donaldson TopSpin™ Filters

Due to low sales, AMSOIL no longer offers Donaldson TopSpin™ Filters.

Tax Information for U.S. and Canadian Dealers

Commissions are considered income and are reported on form 1099 Misc (U.S.) and form T4A (Canada). The 1099 and T4A forms only reflect commissions paid during the calendar year; they do not include any deductions or credits from Dealer checks.

Dealers only receive a form if their commission checks totaled more than $600 in 2013 for U.S. Dealers and more than $500 for Canadian Dealers. Note that T4A forms are issued in Canadian funds. Dealers’ 1099 and T4A income is determined by the dates of the commission checks issued between January 1 and December 31, 2013. This is essentially December 2012 through November 2013 commissions.

AMSOIL mailed all 1099 forms by January 31, 2014, and will mail T4A forms by no later than February 28, 2014. Please allow at least two weeks delivery time before calling for a replacement form. Replacement forms may also be obtained in the Dealer Zone (My Business > Year End Tax Documents). AMSOIL is not qualified to provide, and does not offer, any tax advice. Please consult a tax advisor. Dealers suspecting an error on their 1099 or T4A forms are advised to gather their check stubs and call the accounting department at 715-399-6348.

If a Dealer who sold his or her business to another Dealer, or took over for someone else, receives a 1099 form made out to him or her, he or she is advised to gather all documentation regarding the date the change took place. Fax documentation to AMSOIL at 715-399-6618 or email to [email protected].

Account Services Contact Information
Fax: (715) 395-5332
Direct Phone Line: (715) 399-6348

AMSOIL University Registration Discount Extended

AMSOIL University is fast approaching, and we want to give Dealers every opportunity to attend. With this in mind, and recognizing that the cost of virtually everything is increasing, AMSOIL has extended the reduced registration fee period for AU 2014 through February 28. All registrations made prior to March 1, 2014 will be at the reduced price of $397 per Dealer. That’s a savings of $50 per person.

There are additional costs for attending AMSOIL University, but did you know they can often be written off as business expenses? AMSOIL also provides a continental breakfast every day, lunch three out of four days, a barbeque cookout at the AMSOIL Center Tuesday evening and hosts the President’s Dinner Wednesday night. AMSOIL University gives you bang for your buck.

Dealers who invest in themselves by receiving the best training possible at AMSOIL University often attribute their later success to attending AU. This is not only because of what was learned in the classroom, but from networking with other successful Dealers and interfacing with AMSOIL corporate personnel. If that weren’t enough, don’t forget that all Dealers attending AU 2014 receive a 10 percent rebate on all product orders placed while at AU, up to a total of $50,000. Where else can you make 10 percent on your money in just a few days?

If you want to bring your family they won’t be disappointed. Duluth, Minn. is recognized nationally as a must-see tourist destination.

Mark your calendars and join us for AMSOIL University May 18-22, 2014 at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, Minn. To register or obtain additional information, click the AMSOIL University link in the Dealer Zone (Training > Corporate Events > AMSOIL University 2014 Pre-Registration), contact AMSOIL registration at (715) 399-6554 or email [email protected].

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam

November 29, 2013
Moriarty, N.M.

January 2, 2014
Oak Forest, Ill.

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
AMSOIL Building
925 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880