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Why Do Customers Buy?

When it comes to potential and current customers, would you rather know how to sell to them, or why they buy? Knowing why customers buy is a much more powerful piece of information.

Well-known sales trainer Jeffery Gitomer trademarked the phrase, “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” No truer words have been spoken. Gitomer offers advice that can benefit all AMSOIL Dealers.

In order to be successful, it is important to understand the buying motives of customers. Salespeople can learn all the “closing techniques” they want, but if they haven’t uncovered the motives of the buyer, they have little chance of making the sale. A Dealer’s job is to find the customer’s buying motives and then satisfy those motives with AMSOIL products and good service. Something else Gitomer said is very important to remember: “People buy for their reasons, not for your reasons.” The focus has to be on the customer and his or her needs and motives; not yours. As Gitomer says, “Your reasons for selling are worthless if they don’t match the customer’s reason for buying.”

Additionally, it is important for Dealers to eliminate the element of risk for customers. If they perceive doing business with you as a risk, they will not buy. The AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department has spoken with many Dealers over the years about how their customers perceive the use of AMSOIL products to be a risk, especially with respect to extended drain intervals. The Dealer’s job is to eliminate this risk.

Study more on buying motives. While uncovering the buying motives of customers is hard work, it eliminates the salespeople who are not motivated enough to do the work. Ask customers why they buy from you. If there is a pattern, take note of it. Ask former customers or potential customers who have turned you down why they no longer or won’t purchase from you. If there is a pattern, be sure to change that behavior. Become a student of buying motives, and you will increase sales. “Find the motive and find the money,” says Gitomer. “Show me the motive and I will show you the sale!”

AMSOIL Hits the Road with 2010 Regional Fall Sales Meetings

AMSOIL will conduct a total of 19 Regional Fall Sales Meetings during a six-week period in September and October. The schedule includes seven Thursday night prime time meetings at various U.S. cities and 12 Saturday meetings in the AMSOIL distribution center cities.

2010 Regional Fall Sales Meetings Schedule
Spokane, WA - September 23
Nashua, NH - September 23
Portland, OR - September 25
Lancaster, PA - September 25
Superior, WI - September 25
Columbus, OH - October 2
Toronto, ON - October 2
Louisville, KY - October 7
Baton Rouge, LA - October 7
Santa Clara, CA - October 7
Richmond, VA - October 9
Arlington, TX - October 9
Las Vegas, NV - October 9
Denver, CO - October 21
Atlanta, GA - October 21
Wichita, KS - October 23
Chicago, IL - October 23
Orlando, FL - October 23
Edmonton, AB - October 30

Learn new sales strategies and skills. Find out about all the new improvements to the AMSOIL website. Be among the first to learn about exciting new AMSOIL products and the latest industry information on new oil specifications. In addition to the valuable training, attendees will be eligible for a 10 percent product rebate. Bring your AMSOIL business cards, and your name could be drawn for a prize. Each attendee will also receive a special “Action Pack” DVD, chock full of AMSOIL video sales tools.

Join the AMSOIL Regional Sales Managers and other corporate representatives at a meeting near you. For meeting times, specific location information and to pre-register, click the Register for the 2010 Fall Sales Meetings link in the Dealer Zone (under the Training tab), or pre-register by calling 1-800-777-7094 or e-mailing [email protected] Please provide the following information: location/date of the meeting you plan to attend, your name and spouse’s name (if attending), ZO number, phone number and e-mail address.

AMSOIL Wings of Passage

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

AMSOIL Price Adjustment

The rapidly increasing costs of lubricant base stocks and additives have been well-documented over the past few months. Although virtually all lubricant manufacturers implemented price increases in January and February, AMSOIL held off. More recently, lubricant manufacturers have implemented 6 to 10 percent price increases on finished products effective June and July. AMSOIL makes every effort to maintain the lowest prices possible and has delayed raising prices for as long as possible. Due to the ever-increasing costs of raw materials, however, AMSOIL is forced to implement a 3 to 6 percent price adjustment in the U.S. effective August 1. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, Canadian prices will remain unchanged at this time. Even with a minimal price adjustment, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain the best and most cost-effective choice on the market, saving customers money through extended drain intervals, reduced wear and maintenance and increased fuel efficiency.

Updated pricing information will be available no later than July 1 and can be accessed in the Product Pricing Interface in the Dealer Zone at For pricing effective August 1, select Future Pricing. Pricing files are available in either EXCEL or PDF formats.

Retail and commercial accounts will be notified of the impending price change through both an e-mail and the July Service Line. Servicing Dealers are also encouraged to inform their customers of the price change.

In order to facilitate communications like this from AMSOIL and allow access to important information such as pricing, ordering and product news, AMSOIL encourages Dealers to help their personally-sponsored Dealers, PCs and accounts register for their appropriate account zones. To do so, AMSOIL must have an accurate e-mail address in the Dealer, PC or account’s membership profile. To provide AMSOIL with an e-mail address or to update an e-mail address, use the “Forgot Password” link in the Account Zone area at and follow the instructions at the bottom of the window.

New Dominator® Coolant Boost Provides Effective Heat Transfer and Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Racers demand lower engine operating temperatures in order to achieve maximum efficiency and horsepower on the track, while the straight water coolant used by many racers opens engines up to damaging radiator and water pump corrosion. New AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost (RDCB) provides racers and motorists with significantly lower engine operating temperatures, quicker engine warm-up times and advanced corrosion protection.

See the July Action News for more information.

New Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Provides Outstanding Protection and High Biodegradability

New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (BHO) is an ISO VG 46, bio-based, anti-wear fluid designed to provide premium hydraulic fluid performance for demanding applications, while also effectively addressing biodegradability and low toxicity requirements. Its blend of high oleic oils, synthetic esters and customized additives not only protects hydraulic components against wear, but also protects the environment in the case of leakage or spills.

See the July Action News for more information.

Aging Vehicles Present Opportunity

According to research firm R.L. Polk and Co., the average vehicle age has increased steadily in recent years, increasing 15 percent over the last 10 years and 21 percent over the last 15 years. Brian Funke, R.L. Polk director of sales and client services, believes the aging vehicle population presents increased sales opportunities for the lubricant market. “Obviously for the oil lube market [this] is a great trend because the out-of-warranty period is longer, and people are wanting to service their vehicle a little bit longer because they are holding onto them longer,” said Funke. Polk research reveals motorists are also keeping their vehicles 56 percent longer than they were in 2001. “They were at 28 months on average in 2001 and are at 44 months now,” said Funke. “When people are holding onto their used vehicle that much longer, they’re going to be servicing their car better and more frequently.”

Polk also reported on recent shifts in recommended motor oil viscosities. The number of vehicles calling for a 5W-20 motor oil is up more than 7 percent since 2008, while the number of vehicles recommending 10W-30 is down 6 percent and the number of vehicles recommending 5W-30 is down 1.6 percent.

Vehicle Inspections Reveal Motorists Falling Behind on Fluid Maintenance

Vehicle inspections conducted for the Aftermarket Automotive Industry Association’s National Car Care Month revealed a significant number of motorists falling behind on fluid maintenance, including motor oils, coolants, transmission fluids and brake fluids. Almost three out of 10 vehicles (27 percent) had low, overfull or dirty motor oil, 26 percent had low, leaky or dirty coolant and 21 percent had low, overfull or burnt transmission fluid. Inspections also revealed 17 percent had problems with their washer fluid and power steering fluid and about 13 percent had problems with their brake fluid.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

AMSOIL INC. is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements. Dealers may promote the company’s ISO 9001:2008 certification on their websites but must indicate clearly that AMSOIL INC., not the independent Dealership, is the certified entity. Dealers are advised also to update their certification listing from 9001:2000 to 9001:2008.

AMSOIL Print Center Now Offers Labels

New pressure-sensitive labels designed to complement AMSOIL business cards are now available in the AMSOIL Print Center. Customizable and convenient, these labels offer a professional option for affixing contact information and referral numbers to literature and allow AMSOIL Dealers to present a consistent business image. For further details and to place an order click the AMSOIL Print Center link on the Dealer Zone Menu.

Protecting Your AMSOIL Business From Scams

It’s a fact of business that active AMSOIL Dealers are engaged in distributing their contact information. Dealers want to reach as many people as possible through methods including business cards, catalogs, telephone directories, text messaging, and through email and websites on the Internet. And while all of this is a necessary and vital function to grow your business, it also exposes your contact information to those individuals who may be involved in scams.

To read the full Protecting Your AMSOIL Business From Scams article, view samples of known scams that target AMSOIL Dealers or to report a possible Internet scam, click the Ask AMSOIL link on the Dealer Zone Menu, then click the Internet Scams link located under the “Website & Internet” section.

New Ask AMSOIL Topic: Converting an ROTS Account to a Dealer

A new Ask AMSOIL question and answer, Converting an ROTS Account to a Dealer, has been posted in the Ask AMSOIL section of the Dealer Zone, discussing the effects and potential advantages and disadvantages a change of status has on both the account and the servicing Dealer.

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