Monday, August 1, 2022

Upgraded Empowerkit Websites Launching in August

AMSOIL partners with Empowerkit to offer AMSOIL Dealers a variety of outstanding website packages. On Aug. 15, we’re updating our template of the Empowerkit sites for Dealers. The new template offers a greater professional online appearance and connection to the AMSOIL brand.

If you have an existing Empowerkit website, your site will be affected by this change. Be sure to check out the new template when it becomes available and start customizing your Dealer website.

What’s changing?

• We’ve built new, enhanced sliders that connect your website with the enthusiasts who buy products from you. You will have the option to select these slider images for your site.

• We’ve also updated the call-to-action buttons to tie in the overall AMSOIL branding message even further.

What’s not changing?

• The website package options for AMSOIL Dealers, ranging from a basic online business presence to a fully enabled, customizable, editable website, will remain the same.

• The website package option rates will also remain the same.

• While AMSOIL is driving the change to our Empowerkit website template, any issues pertaining to overall website function should still be directed toward Empowerkit.

For more information on creating a Dealer website, go to the Dealer Zone and select Business Tools>Marketing Your Dealership>My Dealer Website.