Monday, August 1, 2022

New Customer Billing Portal in Retail and Commercial Account Zones

We are always looking for ways to improve processes and upgrade our online technologies, and we’ve created a new Customer Billing Portal for the Account Zones as a result.

The Customer Billing Portal hosts payments, order history, confidential credit and tax-exempt information, invoices, account settings and the ability to manage invoice preferences.

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What’s New?

· The View Invoices section has a redesigned, mobile-friendly view and lists all outstanding and paid invoices up to three years. Invoice payments are completed in a redesigned secure checkout.

· Applications for credit and tax-exempt status have been redesigned to be completed fully online.

· Under Manage Invoice Preferences, accounts have the option to opt-in to receive invoices by email instead of postal mail. They can input up to four email addresses to send their invoices.

The Customer Billing Portal is now up in the Account Zones. Make sure your retail and commercial accounts are aware of the update.