Monday, May 2, 2022

Grease Updates

We are getting closer to restoring our grease inventory to appropriate levels, but a few supply and shipping bottlenecks are delaying our efforts.

Cartridge Tubes

Cartridge-tube shortages have created supply-chain issues for AMSOIL and our competitors across the grease industry. We are doing all we can to keep AMSOIL synthetic grease cartridges available without limiting purchase quantities for Dealers, customers and accounts. For those currently unavailable, we are working hard to ensure supply is delivered as quickly as possible. We encourage you to continue checking for availability. You may also click the “Notify Me” button on a product page to receive an email notification when the affected product is available for purchase.


Industrial Packaging

We have experienced significant supply issues with our larger grease packaging. Pails, kegs and drums of AMSOIL synthetic greases will transition from blue to black packaging to help secure uninterrupted supply going forward. Blue packaging will remain in the field until supplies are exhausted.


New Thickener

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease (GPTR1, GPTR2) will transition from using a lithium complex thickener to a calcium sulfonate thickener, providing improved performance in the areas of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, shear stability and high-temperature operation. Both thickeners are compatible with each other, so you and your customers can transition to the new formulation without concern once it becomes available.