Monday, May 2, 2022

Expert Tips for a Successful Fishing Season

Each season, tens of millions of Americans and Canadians hit the water in search of fish, making it one of the most popular activities in both countries. Few anglers have unlimited time to fish, so to help maximize your opportunities this season, we solicited a few tips from professional anglers John Gillespie and Pete Maina.

See the May AMSOIL Magazine to read their advice for making this a successful fishing season.

We Answer Your Questions About The Next 50 Compensation Plan

The Next 50 (TN50) compensation plan is scheduled to take effect later this year, and we’re working hard to finalize the details. Review the February, March and April editions of AMSOIL Magazine for details and examples of how the plan will work. Find them in the Dealer Zone (Digital Library>Publications>AMSOIL Magazine). While you’re in the Dealer Zone (, complete “The Next 50 Compensation Plan” program for additional info.


As we prepare for this change, we’ve asked you to submit questions to [email protected]. See the May AMSOIL Magazine for answers to your most frequently asked questions about the TN50 plan. Please continue to submit your questions as they arise.

Grease Updates

We are getting closer to restoring our grease inventory to appropriate levels, but a few supply and shipping bottlenecks are delaying our efforts.

Cartridge Tubes

Cartridge-tube shortages have created supply-chain issues for AMSOIL and our competitors across the grease industry. We are doing all we can to keep AMSOIL synthetic grease cartridges available without limiting purchase quantities for Dealers, customers and accounts. For those currently unavailable, we are working hard to ensure supply is delivered as quickly as possible. We encourage you to continue checking for availability. You may also click the “Notify Me” button on a product page to receive an email notification when the affected product is available for purchase.


Industrial Packaging

We have experienced significant supply issues with our larger grease packaging. Pails, kegs and drums of AMSOIL synthetic greases will transition from blue to black packaging to help secure uninterrupted supply going forward. Blue packaging will remain in the field until supplies are exhausted.


New Thickener

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease (GPTR1, GPTR2) will transition from using a lithium complex thickener to a calcium sulfonate thickener, providing improved performance in the areas of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, shear stability and high-temperature operation. Both thickeners are compatible with each other, so you and your customers can transition to the new formulation without concern once it becomes available.

Quicker Payment for Catalog Orders

Effective May 1, we will start paying commissions on cata­log orders in the same business month the orders were placed, ensuring Dealers are paid for their sales as quickly as possible and matching the way we pay commissions for Dealer and Preferred Customer orders.

Customer Certification Required to Appear on Dealer Locator

The "Locator Certified" designation has been retired, creating the need to set a new standard for Dealers to appear on the AMSOIL Dealer Locator. Effective June 1, Dealers must be Customer Certified to appear on the Locator, helping ensure customers are connected with active, knowledgeable Dealers and receive the best possible service.

Change to Alternative Qualification for Customer Certification

Today, those who have been a Dealer for less than 1 year can become Customer Certified by completing Customer Basic Training and registering two new qualified customers annually. Effective May 19, new Dealers can become Customer Certified with only two new qualified customers annually in their first 2 years as a Dealer, providing valuable additional time for new Dealers to build their Dealerships.

Commercial Training: Focused on Success

The May commercial training session will focus on the success AMSOIL and Dealers have achieved together in commercial markets. We will review the markets in which we have success, the tools we have to help us win in the commercial market and the importance of in-person contact and regular communication with your customers. We always welcome and value your stories from the field. Sharing ideas can lead to success for everyone.

The half-hour meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18 at 11 a.m. Central.  Use this link to join the meeting at the scheduled time:

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only):


+1 920-393-7463,,215889508#


Phone Conference ID:  215 889 508#

You will have the option to download the client or use the web (browser) client. Using the web client does not require the installation of software on your device.

Mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you on May 18.

Commercial and Retail Training Recordings Now Available in the Dealer Zone

The recordings of the commercial and retail training meetings are now available in the Digital Library of the Dealer Zone (Digital Library>Videos).

Want Your Voice to be Heard? Write a Letter to the Editor

Have an idea, question or comment about an AMSOIL-related topic? Make your voice heard by both AMSOIL corporate staff and fellow AMSOIL Dealers by submitting a letter to the editor of AMSOIL Magazine:

[email protected]



Communications Department

Attn: Letters

925 Tower Ave.

Superior, WI 54880

Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity; please include your name, address and phone number. Unsigned letters will not be published.

Literature Updates

A number of new and revised literature items are now available. Take advantage of these great items to help grow your business and increase sales.


U.S. Factory-Direct Catalog (G100)

Product Catalog (G290)

Canadian Factory-Direct Catalog (G300)

AMSOIL Bypass Filter Data Sheet (G498)

All-Purpose Fair Handout (G1053)

AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver Data Sheet (G1135)

SEVERE GEAR® 100% Synthetic Extreme-Pressure (EP) Gear Lube Data Sheet (G2043)

AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Gear Lube Data Sheet (G2044)

Autos and Light Trucks Fair Handout (G2945)

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Data Sheet (G3110)

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean Data Sheet (G3186)

AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost Data Sheet (G3188)

Snowmobiles Fair Handout (G3390)

U.S. Installer Price List (G3402)

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic DCT Fluid Data Sheet (G3431)

Canadian Commercial Program Catalog (G3474)

U.S. Wholesale Price List (G3500)

U.S. Powersports & Racing Catalog (G3511)

Canadian Powersports & Racing Catalog (G3512)

Canadian Retail Program Catalog (G3521)

Why Buy Signature Series? Flyer (G3576)

Canadian Installer Price List (G8402)

Canadian Wholesale Price List (G8500)

Training Outlines for Monthly Dealer Meetings

Check the Dealer Zone each month for the latest Dealer meeting outline. The monthly outlines enable presenters to discuss timely and relevant AMSOIL subject material with their teams through teleconference, Skype or in person. Dealer meeting outlines are accessible in the Dealer Zone (under Latest News).

Visit The AMSOIL Inside Track

The AMSOIL Inside Track provides a single destination for how-to videos, customer testimonials, blog posts, product news, racing/events information and more. Be sure to add The Inside Track to your favorites and check frequently. We add new content every week and it’s a great source of marketing material for your social media accounts and website. Email or text content directly to customers and prospects using Dealer-number transferring links to ensure you receive credit for all registrations and sales.

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AMSOIL Wings of Passage

In Memoriam


March 9, 2022


Three Mile Bay, N.Y.


April 13, 2022


Plainview, Minn.


April 14, 2022


Somerville, Tenn.


April 15, 2022

Direct Jobber

Friendsville, Md.

Information may be submitted for the AMSOIL Wings of Passage by clicking here or mail to:

Wings of Passage
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