Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How Dealers Can Make Money Under The Next 50 Compensation Plan

In the February AMSOIL Magazine, we unveiled The Next 50 compensation plan, which will take effect later this year. We will provide ample advanced notice of the precise implementation date. We are taking a cautious approach to implementation to ensure everything is done right. This is the biggest and most exciting change we’ve made to the Dealer opportunity in decades, and the innovative new plan is designed to provide Dealers what they’ve told us they want in a compensation plan:

• Simpler to understand and explain

• Pay new Dealers more

• Pay more closer to the sale

If you’re actively selling products and personally sponsoring other Dealers, it is highly likely you will make more money under The Next 50 compensation plan.

See the March AMSOIL Magazine for more information and examples.* See the The Next 50 Compensation Plan program on the Dealer Zone homepage to catch up on the latest videos covering the reasons for the change and how the TN50 plan works.

*Building a successful AMSOIL Dealership takes skill, hard work and time. The examples and financial information in this document should not be relied upon or construed by you as a representation by AMSOIL that you or any Dealer can expect to attain any specific level or range of sales, costs, income or profit. AMSOIL encourages you to perform your own analysis with your own advisors. There is no assurance or guarantee as to the profitability or success of Dealers and AMSOIL makes no representation of any kind in that regard. From January 2021 – January 2022, Dealers purchased and sold an average of $440.54 per month. Average Dealer earnings per month during the same period were $97.89.