Tuesday, February 1, 2022

New Dealer Zone to Launch in February

The Dealer Zone has been overhauled to make managing your independent Dealership easier and more effective – wherever you venture. The Dealer Zone app will improve speed, control and flexibility for running your independent Dealership.

Here is the updated launch timeline:

• Direct Jobbers gain access to the new platform Feb. 2.

Access to AMSOIL University Online will be shut off Feb. 9.

• All Dealers can access the new Dealer Zone beginning Feb. 15.

To allow the data transfer from AU Online to the new platform, AU Online will not be accessible beginning Feb. 9. Uncompleted AMSOIL University coursework will not be transferred, so make sure you complete any incomplete coursework in AU Online before the shutdown date.

You can download the new AMSOIL Dealer Zone app through the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple Store for iOS. Logging into the new platform will be seamless as your current Dealer number and password will remain the same.

We appreciate your flexibility as we launch this powerful new tool for your independent AMSOIL Dealership.