Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Literature Updates

A number of new and revised literature items are now available. Take advantage of these great items to help grow your business and increase sales.


U.S. Factory-Direct Catalog (G100)

Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil Data Sheet (G473)

P.i.® Performance Improver Data Sheet (G1135)

RC Series R&O/AW Synthetic Gear and Bearing Oil Data Sheet (G1255)

Lawn & Garden Fair Handout (G2508)

Warranty Secure Flyer (G3088)

Racing Fair Handout (G3201)

Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil Data Sheet (G3334)

Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil Data Sheet (G3348)

U.S. Commercial Program Catalog (G3469)

Can. Commercial Program Catalog (G3474)

U.S. Powersports & Racing Catalog (G3511)

Can. Powersports & Racing Catalog (G3512)

U.S. Retail Program Catalog (G3520)

Can. Retail Program Catalog (G3521)

U.S. Automotive Catalog (G3549)

Can. Automotive Catalog (G3550)

Commercial Program Guide (G3563)

Can. Installer Price List (G8402)