Thursday, July 1, 2021

Complete New Dealer Basic Training

Our latest investment in the Dealer opportunity is now available – Dealer Basic Training. It provides the knowledge you need to effectively sell our products and programs, boosting your revenue.

Intuitive and easy to use

Training is divided into four modules:

• Customer Basic Training (Prerequisite)

• Sponsor Basic Training

• Retail Basic Training

• Commercial Basic Training

Complete Customer Basic Training first, which includes the foundational info needed to build a Dealership. Then complete the remaining three modules in any order you prefer.


Each module is made up of several short videos and a knowledge check. A module takes less than an hour to complete. Work on training anytime, anywhere on your device.

Get started now

Dealer training is a great way to help new Dealers start strong while providing an excellent refresher for existing Dealers. Log in to the Dealer Zone ( now and click the AU Online icon to get started.