Monday, May 3, 2021

Updated Independent AMSOIL Dealer Policies and Procedures Now Available

We've made a few minor updates to the Independent AMSOIL Dealer Policies and Procedures (G4000) that take effect June 1. Updates solidify our latest policy developments, provide clarity and continue to safeguard and strengthen the Dealer opportunity for the next 50 years. Highlights include the following:

·        Clarification to existing policies regarding renewing a Dealership using auto payment.

·        A new policy requiring use of reasonable business judgment to ensure orders are legitimate. This policy requires Dealers to alert us to any suspicious activity that indicates the customer is attempting to circumvent our policies, such as placing an unusually large initial order, buying products not recommended for the customer's known applications, unprofessional communications that indicate overseas activity and other red flags. These are common-sense business practices Dealers should already be using to avoid problems with unscrupulous customers.

·        An update to our existing policy against posting AMSOIL product pricing online. Prices of AMSOIL products may be posted online only by AMSOIL INC. This allows us to include pricing in our digital ads, which is standard industry practice. Doing so helps us convert more customers, whom we assign to Customer-Certified Dealers.

·        Addition of a policy that establishes our new Installer Volume Discount.

The updated G4000 is now available in the Dealer Zone. Please read it and contact AMSOIL Customer Service at 1-800-777-7094 if you have questions.