Monday, May 3, 2021

Protecting and Expanding Online Pricing

AMSOIL INC. is responsible for national advertising. We’re also obligated to protect Dealers and small retailers to ensure a level playing field among all account types. That’s why we have policies restricting the advertisement of pricing, including the MAP policy. We are now updating our policies to better reflect our online advertising activity.

It is standard practice for manufacturers to include pricing in their ads to make them more effective. We've experimented with including product pricing in some online ads and it has proven to substantially increase effectiveness. Therefore, fulfilling our responsibility to provide effective national advertising means including pricing in our ads. All new customers generated from our online advertising efforts are assigned to Customer-Certified Dealers. We have updated our online-advertising policy to reflect this change. It used to specify that pricing of AMSOIL products could only be posted online at It now reads as follows:

The MAP policy does not nullify existing AMSOIL policies that forbid posting of pricing online. Prices of AMSOIL products may only be posted by AMSOIL INC.

See the May AMSOIL Magazine for more information.