Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Literature Updates

A number of new and revised literature items are now available. Take advantage of these great items to help grow your business and increase sales.

Propylene Glycol Antifreeze & Coolant Data Sheet (G1156)

Product Recommendation and Drain Interval Chart (G1490)

Summer 2021 Clothing and Promotional Catalog (G1650)

DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil Data Sheet (G1985)

100% Synthetic Small-Engine Oil Data Sheet (G2217)

Motorcycle Oil Filters Data Sheet (G2235)

Power Foam® Data Sheet (G2799)

DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Oil Data Sheet (G2990)

Briggs & Stratton Synthetic 4T Racing Oil Data Sheet (G3114)

Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease Data Sheet (G3147)

Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid Data Sheet (G3302)

Metric Motorcycles Fair Handout (G3345)

Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid Data Sheet (G3398)

OE Synthetic Motor Oil Data Sheet (G3404)

XL Synthetic Motor Oil Fair Handout (G3406)

U.S. Wholesale Price List (G3500)

Powersports & Racing Catalog – U.S. (G3511)