Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Commercial Program Sales Aid Now Available

The new Commercial Program Sales Aid (G3728) is now available for order. Different from other sales literature, this sales aid is not intended to be left behind with customers, but used as a presentation tool on your commercial customer visits. It is designed specifically for the commercial industries where Dealers have had the most success: contractors, fleets and agriculture. The sales aid is designed to create curiosity and is best used in the initial meetings with your prospects. At this stage of the sales process the goal is to get your customers talking about their businesses – how they operate, the challenges they face, improvements they would like to make and their goals. Learning this information places you in a much better position to provide an overall solution with AMSOIL products. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Commercial Sales Team:

Commercial Sales Team

Eric Brandenburg – Commercial Program Manager

(715) 399-6467

[email protected]

Ernie Jones – Commercial Field Sales Representative

(407) 325-2475

[email protected]

Ashley Hedin – Commercial Inside Sales Representative

(715) 399-6463

[email protected]