Thursday, April 1, 2021

AMSOIL EA15K50 Oil Filter Temporarily Not Recommended for Select Ram* and GM* Applications

We are no longer recommending the AMSOIL EA15K50 Oil Filter for 2007-2013 GM vehicles with the 5.3L engine and 2013-current Ram vehicles with the 5.7L or 6.4L engine. There is no cause for alarm if you or one of your customers is using the EA15K50 Filter with one of the listed vehicles; we are acting out of an abundance of caution. We have sold thousands of AMSOIL EA15K50 Oil Filters to customers with one of the GM or Ram engines listed above. A very small percentage of those customers have reported gauges or check-engine lights indicating slightly lower than normal oil pressure.

Our industry-leading high-efficiency media removes more particles of smaller sizes than most competing filters to better prevent engine wear. In the GM and Ram applications listed, the EA15K50 Filter is capturing a large number of deposits and reaching its holding capacity before the end of its recommended service life in a small number of instances. This can result in reduced flow and overall oil pressure, but in no way harms the engine. AMSOIL Oil Filters include a bypass relief valve to ensure appropriate oil volume is always delivered to critical components.

Rather than cause some customers unnecessary concern, we are recommending the WIX 57060 or Donaldson P550794 in place of the EA15K50 in 2007-2013 GM 5.3L engines and 2013-current Ram 5.7L and 6.4L engines. They are high-quality filters, but will not capture as many small particles as the AMSOIL Oil Filter does, and they are designed for shorter service intervals.

Watch the Dealer Zone for updates. If you have questions, contact Technical Services at [email protected] or (715) 399-8324 (TECH).


I used the EA15K50 Oil Filter with one of the affected GM or Ram engines before. Can I continue to do so?
Yes, but it should be changed at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended change interval. We no longer recommend this filter for up to 15,000 miles (24,000 km) in these engines.

Did using the EA15K50 Oil Filter harm my vehicle?
No. The filter includes a bypass relief valve to ensure appropriate oil volume is always delivered to critical components.

Can I still practice extended drain intervals with Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil in these engines?
Yes, but only if you change the WIX or Donaldson filter at the manufacturer’s recommended service interval and top off the oil after the filter change.

Is there any benefit to using Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil if I don’t want to change filters to get extended drain intervals?
Yes, Signature Series contains a robust package of detergents and dispersants to protect against the deposits produced by these engines. 

What can I do to combat these oil deposits?
We recommend using Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil and changing the WIX or Donaldson filter at the manufacturer’s recommended interval. We also recommend using AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush every-other oil change.

Will AMSOIL offer another extended-drain filter for these engines?
We are conducting additional research and development with the goal of once again supplying a high-efficiency, extended-life filtration option.

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