Monday, March 1, 2021

New Dealer Basic Training Helps Grow Your Business, Provides Gateway to Certification

The next era in Dealer training is here – new Dealer Basic Training. It provides the knowledge you need to effectively sell our products and programs, boosting your revenue. Training is divided into the following four modules:

·        Customer Basic Training

·        Sponsor Basic Training

·        Retail Basic Training

·        Commercial Basic Training

Each module provides insight into a particular area of the business and is comprised of several short, mobile-friendly videos and a knowledge check. You must complete Customer Basic Training first, but afterward you're free to complete the remaining three in any order. Work on training anytime, anywhere on your device.

Dealer Basic Training is the latest development in our efforts to strengthen and secure the Dealer opportunity for the next 50 years. It helps new Dealers start strong while offering a great refresher on the many changes we've made the past few years for existing Dealers. In addition, it will serve as the gateway to Dealer Certification beginning later this year, and it will be required for new Dealers beginning Sept. 1, 2021 (See the March AMSOIL Magazine for details).

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your success without spending a dime. Dealers have asked for more training, and Dealer Basic Training is our response. It equips you with the knowledge you need to deliver the best possible customer service and continue building your business.

Begin training in AU Online Monday, March 1. Encourage your sponsored Dealers to do likewise.