Monday, February 1, 2021

Second Major Small-Engine Manufacturer Chooses AMSOIL

Nearly a decade ago, Briggs & Stratton* chose AMSOIL to formulate a motor oil for its most demanding racing engines. The partnership has resulted in increased brand recognition and credibility in the small-engine market, leading to increased opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers to sell our full range of products to lawn and landscaping contractors, small-engine shops, golf courses and more. In fact, lawn and landscaping contractors now comprise the largest segment of AMSOIL commercial accounts. We are now introducing a second co-branded product, this time with Kohler* Power.

Kohler is one of the largest small-engine manufacturers in the world. The company is highly regarded for quality and ingenuity with a rich history spanning the past 100 years. Kohler approached us for help developing a new small-engine oil, and the partnership ultimately resulted in their request for a co-branded product for them to sell. We agreed to fulfill their request and developed a co-branded 10W-40 product for them to sell and new 15W-50 Small-Engine Oil for you to sell.

Having a premier brand like Kohler anoint AMSOIL the best choice for its products delivers instantaneous credibility. An endorsement from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) drives greater consumer trust; validates our position of leadership; supports our brand expertise; provides extra exposure for our brand; and increases our prestige and favorability.

That increased brand recognition and prestige will help you sell more oil, particularly in the small-engine category. You have the full AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil family at your disposal, including the new AMSOIL 15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil, which will debut in June 2021, further expanding your opportunities in the small-engine market. AMSOIL 15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is designed for multiple small-engine applications, including Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki* and Kohler, and it will be priced very competitively. In addition, AMSOIL is perhaps the only aftermarket lubricant manufacturer that provides purpose-built products for nearly every piece of two- and four-stroke equipment in the lawn and landscape category, including SABER,® which presents powerful benefits for savings and protection – you are in prime position for success.

Co-branding is common – Valvoline* and Cummins,* KTM* and Motorex* and Ducati* and Shell* are just a few examples of co-branding partnerships. If you have ever attempted to unseat one of these co-branded products, you know how powerful those partnerships can beand you will benefit from the boost to the AMSOIL brand. Conversely, had we not agreed to this partnership, you would face the uphill battle of unseating some other company that would have undoubtedly partnered with Kohler in our place.

This endorsement from Kohler is affirmation of our position as the leader in synthetic lubrication. Use this partnership to increase sales for your business.