Monday, November 2, 2020

Dealer Onboarding

The first 90 days are crucial for new AMSOIL Dealers. Our data shows that Dealers who have a good experience early on and make a purchase within the first 90 days are most likely to remain Dealers. That’s why we created the AMSOIL Dealer Onboarding Program.

It’s not just about signing up new Dealers; it’s about setting them up for success. In just the last year, Dealer registrations have risen 24 percent. More new Dealers are also Customer Certified than ever before, meaning they’re already registering customers and receiving the benefit of being assigned purchasing customers from AMSOIL. Getting new Dealers on the right path, right away, has been the key for building successful and lasting businesses.

The Dealer Onboarding Program is designed to kickstart new Dealers’ success and encourage that first product purchase. All new Dealers, whether they are registered or assigned, receive key early touchpoints from AMSOIL. The first three emails are sent during the first week. These emails all have links to the AMSOIL onboarding landing page, where Dealers can access short videos that provide instruction and key AMSOIL resources without being overwhelmed with information.

See the November AMSOIL Magazine for more information.

Annual Dealer Agreement

Don't forget to sign the Dealer agreement before Nov. 30. 

Most Dealers have already returned signed agreements. Thanks to all who have completed this task! As a reminder, we introduced new policies and a new Dealer agreement in October 2019 with enhanced protections for the Dealer program, including the MAP policy and updated policies to track and prevent online sales of AMSOIL products on sites other than or The updated AMSOIL Dealer Policies and Procedures further solidified our long-standing relationship with Dealers and established additional protections for this unique opportunity.

One of the new policies requires annual acceptance of the Dealer agreement. While renewal of your Dealership, placing orders and other business activities indicates acceptance, annual acknowledgment of acceptance is now required by the states of California and New York, and other states are considering implementing similar laws. This is not a bad thing.

• It identifies specific policies and procedures protecting Dealer businesses from unauthorized activity

• It is consistent with other similar business opportunities

• It clearly highlights AMSOIL INC. expectations for independent Dealers

What’s Been Done

If you have an email address on file at AMSOIL, you should have received an electronic version of the agreement from DocuSign. If you did not receive one, let us know at [email protected].

Walso mailed a copy of the agreement to all Dealers who had not yet returned a signed agreement by the end of OctoberIf you did not receive one, let us know at (800) 777-7094.

What You Need to Do

• Sign the agreement digitally through DocuSign or sign and return the entire paper agreement (not just the signature page) to AMSOIL by Nov. 30.

• Make sure to update email addresses on file at AMSOIL for you and Dealers in your group. This will allow for the fastest, easiest and most secure way of accepting these agreements. You can update your email address in the Dealer Zone, or you can send the updates to [email protected]. If you don’t have an email address, now is the time to get one. An increasing amount of communication will go out in this form and you will be missing out on valuable notifications without a valid email address.

• If you don’t see the agreement in your email inbox, check your junk mailbox and add DocuSign ( to your safe-sender list (in your Junk Email settings) to ensure future messages land in your inbox.

• Encourage Dealers on your team to accept the agreement as soon as possible. Enhanced reports in the Dealer Zone are now available to identify Dealers who have accepted the agreement.

Thank you for participating in the Dealer Program, and thank you for all your hard work in the field.

New Diesel Oil for Pickups, Vans, Cars and SUVs Coming in December

Coming in December, new AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil is specially designed for smaller American diesel pickups, vans, cars and SUVs requiring GM dexosD, dexos2; Chrysler MS-11106; Ford WSS-M2C214-B1 or ACEA C3 specifications. Available in 0W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities, it provides outstanding protection, performance and fuel economy during heavy use and extreme temperatures. Not for use in applications that require an API CK-4 (or prior) specification. Watch the December edition of AMSOIL Magazine for details.

15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil Available in December

AMSOIL 15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil will be available Dec. 1. It’s recommended primarily for zero-turn mowers. Watch the December AMSOIL Magazine for details.

Beware of Fraudulent Vehicle Wrap Offers

We have been made aware of several attempts by scam artists to pose as AMSOIL INC., offering to pay unsuspecting people to advertise AMSOIL on their vehicles. A fraudulent check is usually mailed to the victim, accompanied by a request to pay a third party to install the vehicle graphics. THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOT AUTHORIZED BY AMSOIL INC. If you, your customers or anyone you know receive an unexpected check from AMSOIL, contact us directly and notify your local authorities. The Better Business Bureau is aware of this scam and issued this warning.

Email scam attempts have become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and it is important to stay vigilant. In particular, it is important to be wary of the following:

• Unsolicited opportunities

• Offers that involve sending money or anything else to third parties

• Unusually large sales opportunities, especially when the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses don’t match or cannot be verified by online research

• Any other opportunity that appears too good to be true

OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor Oil 55-Gal. Drums

 AMSOIL OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor Oil is now available in 55-gallon drums.

New Flyers for Passenger-Car Virtual Oil Change Kits

Signature Series, XL and OE virtual oil change kits now come with a flyer designed to further establish AMSOIL as the brand for enthusiasts and promote other products in the AMSOIL lineup. The flyers highlight key features of the customer’s purchase, reinforce the good decision he or she made in buying AMSOIL products and include tips on how to get the most from oil changes. They also put a spotlight on other AMSOIL products the customer may be interested in to keep passenger cars running at top performance. If you notice item numbers VK01, VK02 or VK03 on your customers’ orders, that means they’ve received one of these flyers. Check them out at the links below.

Co-op Credit Usage

As a reminder, co-op credit is to be used exclusively by the account that earned it. Dealers are not permitted to use their customers’ co-op credit for their own purchases. All merchandising items ordered using retail account co-op credit should be shipped directly to the customer.

New Clothing and Promotional Items Available Monday, Nov. 2

The majority of the new clothing and promotional items featured in the Winter 2020 Clothing and Promotional Catalog (G1650) will be available for purchase and co-op orders on Monday, Nov. 2. However, a few items are delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. All items are expected to be in stock by the end of November.

15W-40 Small Tumbler G-number

The printed version of the Winter 2020 Clothing and Promotional Catalog (G1650) lists the incorrect G-number for the 15W-40 Small Tumbler (p. 17). The correct G-number is G3710.

Literature Updates

A number of new and revised literature items are available for purchase or download. Take advantage of these great items to help grow your business and increase sales.