Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Annual Dealer Agreement

We introduced new policies and a new Dealer agreement in October 2019 with enhanced protections for the Dealer program, including the MAP policy and updated policies to track and prevent online sales of AMSOIL products on sites other than AMSOIL.com or AMSOIL.ca. The updated AMSOIL Dealer Policies and Procedures further solidified our long-standing relationship with Dealers and established additional protections for this unique opportunity. Information previously included in the following documents now appears in the AMSOIL Dealer Policies and Procedures:

• Marketing Plan – Policies (G47A)

• Marketing Plan – Compensation (G47B)

• Commercial & Retail Marketing Guidelines (G1097)

• Building Your Business: Initial Contact Policies & Guidelines (G2194)

One of the new policies requires annual acceptance of the Dealer agreement. While renewal of your Dealership, placing orders and other business activities indicates acceptance, annual acknowledgment of acceptance is now required and benefits AMSOIL and Dealers.

• It identifies specific policies and procedures protecting Dealer businesses from unauthorized activity

• It is consistent with other similar business opportunities

• It clearly highlights AMSOIL INC. expectations for independent Dealers

We cannot incorporate annual acceptance of the Dealer agreement into Dealership renewals as Dealers on auto-renew, five-year or the now-discontinued 10-year or lifetime options do not receive an annual prompt to renew. Therefore, annual acceptance of the Dealer agreement will occur in a separate process each fall.

What to Expect

We have partnered with DocuSign to send the agreement to all Dealers with an email address on file. Dealers who receive an electronic agreement can accept the agreement electronically. The process is simple and takes less than a minute (not including the time it takes to review the agreement).

Dealers with no email address on file will receive the agreement by mail. In addition to signing and returning the agreement, Dealers who receive it by mail should also include a current email address so future agreements can be signed electronically, in addition to receiving other electronic communications from us.

To ensure that we get everyone to respond, we set a deadline for you to complete acceptance. You must accept the agreement by Nov. 30, 2020 to maintain active Dealer status. All existing Dealers will receive multiple reminders by email, mail and the Dealer Zone prior to the deadline for agreement acceptance. If you still do not complete the agreement by Oct. 31, your orders will be put on hold until the agreement has been signed. If you do not accept the agreement by Nov. 30, your Dealership will be involuntarily canceled and your Dealer fees will be refunded on a prorated basis in December.

What You Need to Do

• Don’t worry about missing the early communication from us on the agreement. We will send multiple reminders, but we recommend getting this completed sooner rather than later.

• Make sure to update email addresses on file at AMSOIL for you and Dealers in your group. This will allow for the fastest, easiest and most secure way of accepting these agreements. You can update your email address in the Dealer Zone, or you can send the updates to [email protected]. If you don’t have an email address, now is the time to get one. An increasing amount of communication will go out in this form and you will be missing out on valuable notifications without a valid email address.

• Watch for the agreement to arrive by email in September. Make sure to check your junk mailbox and add DocuSign (docusign.com) to your safe-sender list (in your Junk Email settings) to ensure future messages land in your inbox.

• Promptly review, complete and submit the agreement.

• Encourage Dealers on your team to accept the agreement as soon as possible to maintain their Dealership status. Enhanced reports in the Dealer Zone will be updated in September to identify Dealers who have accepted the agreement.

Thank you for participating in the Dealer Program, and thank you for all your hard work in the field.