Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Importance of Professionalism on Social Media

It’s important to represent yourself in a professional manner online. Make sure what you post on social media is appropriate and that you avoid sharing controversial things that could harm your reputation and the company. When you’re thinking about posting a potentially controversial item online, consider these two truths: 1. You will not change anyone else’s views. 2. You will alienate at least 50 percent of potential customers. Therefore, you have nothing to gain. Please consider these points before you post anything online, and please ensure that if you post potentially controversial political or social statements, you do so from an account that is in no way tied to your AMSOIL business.

For more information and guidance on conducting your AMSOIL business, see the article in the July AMSOIL Magazine and refer to the Independent AMSOIL Dealer Policies & Procedures (G4000) in the Dealer Zone.