Wednesday, April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your continued hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you’re all staying safe and making the most of your extra time at home. Here are the latest updates from AMSOIL headquarters:
  • Multiple states in which we operate facilities have issued shelter-in-place orders. In each case, AMSOIL has been identified as an essential business and encouraged to continue operating so we can continue to serve the utility companies, hospitals, fire departments, police departments and other vital industries that rely on our products.
  • Trade show and racing co-op requests are on hold until further notice as most events scheduled for the next few months are canceled. Putting these programs on hold until normalcy resumes will allow us to avoid administrative complications and you to avoid having to return payment for co-op support issued for canceled events.
  • If you are scheduled to work a corporately sponsored event, please reach out to the event contact to confirm its status. Remember, as an independent Dealer, your attendance at events is completely up to you. We recommend following state and federal guidelines. Don’t feel like you have to attend an event just because you received co-op support or it’s a corporately sponsored space. Your health and safety are much more important.
  • We remain confident in our supply of raw materials and ability to maintain production levels.
  • All AMSOIL team members who are able to work from home are doing so now.
  • We have implemented social distancing and staggered shifts for employees remaining on site to ensure their safety and our continued ability to serve you and our customers.
  • A message is posted on and reassuring customers that we are open for business and shipping product as usual.
  • We communicated our status as operational to all active accounts by email, but you might benefit from some direct communication from you to your largest customers. We created this letter to help you do that. You can send it by email or by traditional mail, or you can use it to guide you through phone conversations you might have over the next few weeks.
  • We are adjusting our advertising to more heavily promote ordering from and receiving fast, free delivery to your home.
We will continue to provide updates as things evolve. As always, we hope you and your families are putting your health and safety first, and we’re looking forward to a strong return to business soon.