Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New 5W-30 Viscosity Joins Synthetic Small-Engine Oil Family

Available Oct. 1, new 5W-30 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil (AES) rounds out the Synthetic Small-Engine Oil family. It’s recommended primarily for snowblowers and generators, bringing the excellent benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil to applications that call for a 5W-30 viscosity oil.

Outstanding cold-flow
Cold ambient conditions and increased stress characterize snowblower operating conditions. Generators used on job sites can also run in cold weather. A 5W-30 motor oil provides improved cold-flow compared to 10W-XX motor oils. Its lower “W” viscosity means it flows more readily at startup for reliable wear protection. AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil doesn’t contain waxes inherent to conventional oils, so it doesn’t thicken when the temperature drops, delivering superior protection and easier starts.

See the October AMSOIL Magazine for more information.