Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Price Adjustment Effective Oct. 1

We are implementing a minimal price adjustment on select products in the U.S. and Canada effective Oct. 1, 2019. Many products are unaffected. Those that are will increase an average of 1 percent. Cash commissions will increase. Commission credits will remain unchanged.

Why are We Adjusting Prices?
Raw materials, shipping, packaging and labor costs have all risen substantially. While we have tried to limit the increase through increased efficiencies, we are forced to adjust prices to keep up with rising costs. As always, these adjustments are made as minimal as possible and with a sharp eye on our position within the market.

Accessing Updated Pricing
Updated pricing information is available in the Pricing Lookup in the Dealer and Account Zones. To access pricing effective Oct. 1, select a product type in the menu, then select “Future Pricing.” The AMSOIL Wholesale Price List (G3500, G8500) has been updated and is now available. All catalogs (Factory-Direct [G100, G300], Automotive [G3549, G3550], Powersports & Racing [G3511, G3512], Commercial Program [G3469, G3474], Retail Program [G3520, G3521]) will be available with updated pricing in September. Watch the Dealer Zone for announcements of availability. We will notify your retail and commercial accounts of the price adjustment in the printed and email versions of the September Service Line, and we’ll include a Wholesale Price List with the printed copy. We encourage you to follow up with them in person as well.