Tuesday, September 3, 2019

New Dealer Policies & Procedures Strengthen Customer Service and Protect the Dealer Opportunity

The new Independent AMSOIL Dealer Policies & Procedures (G4000) is our latest development to make it easier to run your Dealership. It gathers all policies that govern your Dealership into a single source to make it easier for you to find answers to your questions. Previously, you had to consult multiple documents, which added frustration and wasted time.

• Gathers all Dealer policies and procedures in one place
• Available in the Dealer Zone (Rules of the Road)
• New succession-planning policies, Customer Bill of Rights, Retail Program policies and more
• Please read and understand
• Engaging in normal business (e.g. placing orders, registering customers) indicates your agreement and acceptance
• Effective immediately

See the September AMSOIL Magazine for more information.