Monday, July 1, 2019

Retail Program Changes Help You Better Serve Your Accounts

Retail accounts play a vital role in AMSOIL businesses. We’ve made some changes to the AMSOIL Retail Program over the past year, including an improved Retail Co-op Program and a new Repair-Shop Website Program, to increase business for you and your retail accounts, and we’ve got even more changes rolling out this month.

New Promotional Kits
Starting in July, we’re updating the merchandising kits with new items to get retail accounts started selling AMSOIL products. The new kits include an introductory letter, a 12”x9” window decal and an AMSOIL mouse pad. Accounts will then have the option to pick one of three free additional items: a two-sided 3’x2’ Aluminum AMSOIL Sign, an 8’x3’ Vinyl AMSOIL Banner or an AMSOIL Retail Merchandising Kit featuring a gondola header, shelf blades and slide-in shelf strips. We’re allowing accounts to choose their own free promotional item so they receive one that best suits their retail outlet. Promoting more AMSOIL branding in their shops will help them attract AMSOIL customers, and we want to help them with that as much as we can.

See the July AMSOIL Magazine for more information.