Friday, February 1, 2019

Protect Yourself Against Email Scams

Email scam attempts have become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, and some targeting AMSOIL Dealers are designed to fool you into believing they were sent by an AMSOIL employee. It is important to be cautious of emails that seem out of the ordinary or don’t fit the mold of our usual communications. To protect yourself from scams, ask yourself the following questions and follow these tips:

Do you know the sender? Is the email address correct?
All legitimate communications from AMSOIL corporate are sent from an email address, but be wary of spoofing attempts. Even if the name and email address in the “from” box appear legitimate, hover your cursor over the email address. If the pop-up balloon reflects a different email address, the email is NOT from AMSOIL INC. and is likely an attempt to steal personal information. Do not reply to the email or click any embedded links. Simply delete it.

Are you expecting an email of the particular subject matter? Is it consistent with your relationship to the sender?
Some email scam attempts may ask you to wire funds or something else out of the ordinary. This should automatically trigger a red flag. If something seems suspicious, trust your instincts. When in doubt, call the sender and ask him or her about the email before you reply or follow an embedded link.